A new surprise every day - Login not possible Network error

NethServer Version: NS 8
Module: Administration

Hello Friends,

i can no longer log on to my brand new NS8 installation as an administrator. See picture.
Login not possible Network error. Only Nextcloud is running. Mail, Sogo and Nextcloud are running on the server.



Sorry for your discomfort. But please… try to edit title of your thread… :wink:

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I see network error only for broken slave nodes. Are you using clustered NS8? Member nodes are functioning?

Hi @wahmed

I dont use no Cluster with more nodes. Its a brandnew single Installation of NS 8.
I can ping the server via ip amd ns lookup is also ok. I can login vial putty and can input commands

Since you cant even login, the log content probably be very helpful for the Dev team to figure out what is happening. Following command will save the recent log into a file. Then copy/paste the content using something like privatebin.net

As @mrmarkuz said, ‘In Logs We Trust’ LoL.

journalctl --since “2024-04-29 00:00” --until “2024-04-29 23:59” > network-error.log


Case closed by new installation.

Check if redis is running ?

Too late. The reinstallation of Rocky 9.3 has just gone through. It feels like the tenth run. :smile: