A New Support Engineer needed in my company


Good day,

Please I need another support engineer for our nethserver in my office in Lagos Nigeria. I’m not satisfied with the support service I’m getting from our current support engineer. I’m inclined to look for an alternative to nethserver if I don’t get another support engineer I can relate with.

Kolawole Okeowo
For: FRNG Limited

Hi @kolaokeowo and welcome to the NethServer community and these community forums.

There are several members in these forums that professionally support NethServer implementations. Another option is to get yourself a subscription service with several support tickets from Nethesis.

I understand that you would like to see a sustainable support since you use the project in a professional environment. But also consider to rely on the great support we can give through these forums for free. (and no, you can not expect every problem to be solved in a pre-defined period of time, on these forums we completely rely on voluntary knowledge sharing and free time).


and “challenge time” all tech people like to have, from time to time.
Consider that a lot of questions made into the forum have answers, and can help to pinpoint, solve or re-imagine the environment for avoiding problems.

You can do this here - https://my.nethserver.com/

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