A good friend is leaving

How the good friend is going? Still alive?

What’s up buddy?

Still alive until the end of the month, after I will switch it off.

My friends of Archlinux are at ease, they use 40G per days :slight_smile: … Neth guys you are far behind them :slight_smile:

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Good, and are replacing it with what?
Is there anyone else who has sad stories about good friend like this? :wink:

In fact now with all the power under the hood available, I’m looking forward virtualisation, even on line.

I was interested by coreos first (I saw the talk at the fossdem) but it is a project quite new, and unable to virtualise window ( if I really, really, really, really need it). So I went to proxmox because I can use containers as lxc and other machine with quemu/KVM.

It is new and interesting for me, proxmox could be a real competitor to VMware, at least it is because I don’t want to use non free software.

Now I have three virtual machines on line, I can separate my mirrors, my websites and my emails server. I’m testing ISPconfig (on lxc debian) for the web side, the panels are quite good, it should be done the same for neth. For my mirrors and my emails, I’m still using a S…R

But my imagination has not reach the physical limit (ram and HD) of my monster, so I will have other projects for it, with the old one I was all the time searching about free place.