500 Server error with php7.3

I’m trying to install the groupware tine2.0 as a virtualhost webserver on NS 7.4.
The configuration with php7.3 fails with error 500. With php8.0 it works (partly) no error 500. But tine 2.0 requires php7.3 and does not fully support php8.0.
What can I do?

Hi @rasi

NethServer 7.4 is sooo old. Don’t you update your servers? You should be running 7.9!!!

Is this due to some form of contagious senility?

Then again, NethServer comes with, and supports 3 different Groupware packets. AFAIK, tine2.0 was never supported on NethServer.

Easy solution: Install tine2.0 on a separate host or VM, separate from NethServer.

My 2 cents

it is NS 7.9. My mistake, maybe because of senility.
There is rh-php73 installed and it can be selected when the virtualhost is created. Why doesn’t that work?

Well, why doesn’t it work with tine2.0, or maybe even better: why can’t tine2.0 handle PHP8?. PHP7.3 is now also quite dated…

Then again, using the virtualhost on NethServer for any one of the built-in applications also breaks the app, so I’m not really surprised. It only happens when new users don’t read the instructions, think they are smart, and manually create a virtualhost for access reasons…

rh-php73 could be a residual from the earlier Server-Manager (NethGUI), and has been replaced with a newer Remi repo or something like that… I can’t quite recall the details…

My 2 cents