2fa RoadWarrior VPN

Good morning,
could you tell me the page to configure 2fa for VPN users in NethSecurity 8?
Thank you

On A Separate Note but related, been thinking of adding GitHub - Bubka/2FAuth: A Web app to manage your Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) accounts and generate their security codes into Nethserver 8

Just select “Username, OTP and certificate” as the authentication method: OpenVPN Road Warrior — NethSecurity documentation

You can download the 2FA code from each user. You can sand the QR code by mail to users or pass them with any other channel you prefer.



Sorry Martin, you’re being absolutely RUDE and inconsiderate here.

This is a first time poster with a problem.

Not one word to the poster, not even a hello or welcome, but you just hijack his post by throwing something absolutely irrelevant to this guys problem, effectively hijacking this post.

Sorry, but you are being really inconderate and overly “bubbly” about somethuing not relevant here!

Second, you are also possibly doing NethServer a big misfavour…
People may start thinking:

“Oh, this developer only now starts thinking of adding this app for 2FA?
Maybe this product is not as polished as it seems and thus not ready for me…”

If people get such an impression, it’s effectively a doing our great devs a BIG disrespect, and voiding all the hard work put in NS8 and NethSecurity.

My 2 cents


Sorry, I didn’t want to create controversy. Thanks to Giacomo I solved my problem. I come from NS7 and I really appreciate the work done by the developers. Thanks for your help


My Apologies @Andrea_CDP, welcome to the Nethserver community.

You are right @Andy_Wismer that was not great of. Me.


Don’t worry it’s not easy to support people. Andy’s just trying to set the bar for the whole community here and he’s right. But it comes from a long experience



Welcome to the NethServer community!
Glad that you found a solution here, first of many I hope!

@oneitonitram , @alefattorini

Hi Martin

That’s MUCH better, don’t forget, you are also carrying a NethServer Team Label!

You’re doing a good job of learning to be a good community programmer, following in the shoes of the likes of @stephdl and @mrmarkuz - and those two have BIG shoes here, so to speak.

Measuring yourself with the best is a real challenge, I hope you rise to it!
In this sense my best wishes.

Making the community a friendly place, where newbies can feel welcome, and heard…

My 2 cents