28 October 2018 can be seen twice in the WebTop calendar

(Uwe) #1

Hello friends,

At first, I believed that I saw double. But even after looking twice, nothing has changed. The 28th of October is doubled in my WebTop calendar. If I want to enter an appointment for the 28th of October, it will appear twice as well. Restarting the server does not change that. Who can help?



Edit: The problem occurs only in the month and the two week view.

(Marc) #2

Daylight Saving Time clock change related?

WebTop 5 - New update release 5.3.3
(Uwe) #3

No. And the problem will go on in 2019. 27. October is also double.

(Luca Gasparini) #4

Hi @transocean,
I’m afraid it’s an easily replicable bug :face_with_raised_eyebrow:
What do you think about it @gabriele_bulfon ?

(Uwe) #5

Hi Luca Gasparini,

every October in the Calendar of WebTop has one day more btw. double.

If it is a holiday, I would agree. :grinning:

(Saito Benkei) #6

Usually in Italy/Europe the daylight time ends at the last weekend of october, so… maybe yes.

(Marc) #7

The repeated dates seem to match with DST

(gabriele_bulfon) #8

Looks very similar to something we addressed at the end of april, where events were disappearing beacuse of the DST. Did yo ualready open the issue in our Redmine @lucag?

(Luca Gasparini) #9

Bug open on Redmine: https://redmine.sonicle.com/issues/503 :wink:

(Uwe) #10


Any News?



(gabriele_bulfon) #11

Hi, yes, this is a nasty bug of a third party component that will be addressed during this august.


(Luca Gasparini) #12

Hi @transocean,
I am writing to let you know that the WebTop update is available (Rel. 5.4.1) which includes the fix for the calendar bug on October 28th :wink:

To update:
yum update webtop5 nethserver-webtop5

(Uwe) #13

Thank you! I will test it later in the evening.

(Uwe) #14

Wonderfull! It works great.

Thank you @ Webtop Team.