2020 - Change Password Best Practices

NethServer Version: 7.7.1908
Module: All

There are lots of old articles (even up to 2019, when the Cockpit UI was still rapidly replacing other admin features) and they have various responses.

For NethServer instances using OpenLDAP for their user and group management, what is the best way for users to reset their own passwords without being given access to management areas for NethServer? The solution should of course change the password for all NethServer configured modules (like Nextcloud, etc.)

Cockpit can have a self-service password page. Another option could be this community module: Self-service password


I apologise for bringing up an (apparently) old issue.
I don’t seem to find a proper solution for users who forgot their password.
I enabled the cockpit user-settings, which works great and enables users to change their own password over time. But they need to know the old password in the first place.
@dnutan your solution is not redundant in my view as it offers all the possibilities, including an email token. Your solution is a needed feature.
However, I am no able to make it work! Passwords cannot be changed and I believe it has something to do with the ‘write’ permissions on the LDAP. I do not know how to change that and some how-to talk about enabling ‘kamikaze’ mode. In nomen omen, I am reluctant to go along that road. Any advice on the most effective way, from security and burocratic points of view, to handle this?