2 Different domains for email and users

How do I set up 2 different email domains on Nethserver, for example I have 2 different email test@cberworld.co.id and test2@saving.co.id?

Hi @BimoSora,

Please go to (of course, after you already have created a new email domain):

Management -> Email addresses (not in Users and groups) -> Mail aliases -> CREATE NEW
Also, in Mail aliases, click on Help for more informations.

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Just to be clear: you can make email addresses with different domain names for users you created (as aliasses) but you CAN NOT make users with different domain names and have corresponding emailaddresses.
NethServer (and the nethserver mail module) is NOT multi tenant.


I’m afraid @BimoSora wants a multi tenant email server.
Unfortunately, NS isn’t. And IMO, should be.
That’s why, I am still using Zentyal for this kind of approach.

How do I set up an e-mail alias so that saving.co.id can be used for e-mail on nethserver, so later if there is a reply to the message in the e-mail, then enter the e-mail example admin@saving.co.id?