[15 November] What are you working on this week?

This week I’m writing RC2 announcement (quite finished actually!) and sending our November newsletter (hopefully Thursday!)
What’s up in your world?

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my tasks this week in the past days were to publish my App that shows disruptions in the public transport for Berlin after Hamburg is already online since one year. I did that yesterday and now I wait for the pass of the certification so that the app can be published in the AppStore.
Additionally I will mount new Micro-PCs to the monitors and place them on the desktop of the people. It looks quite good. The Micro-PC is attached to the VESA-Mount of the Monitor. That way you don’t have a box somewhere on or below the desk and it is cheaper than AOI-PCs - I need Windows for this.

And finally I will finish a Webform that allows people from my company to order and self-deploy virtual machines in our environment. And because of this I have to plan a business trip next week to Berlin.

Much to do :slight_smile:


I’m working on a problem with an imap-server. There are 8 people who share one mailbox. If one of the person marks the mail as readed, sometimes the other clients see the mail marked as readed and sometimes not.
A second job this week is to find the best way to backup my nethserver inclusive sogo.

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This week I am getting my hands dirty. Installing savapage on NS7RC2. I already introduced savapage in the features section of the forums. I think this could be a killer application for large schools.
I will post a howto soon.