Zentyal vs NethServer comparison matrix

Carlos, great to have you here and happy to see you already noticed such significant difference, it’s really true! :yum:
You are able to manage NethServer by the CLI as by the WebUI. Plus, we have some Ansible experts here like @giacomo and BGLUG guys like @enricobacis and @syntaxerrormmm they will definitely be happy to help you.
How would you like to be involved here?

I feel called in :wink: You may take some notes starting from here, much more for the nethcfg role.

This could be much more improved, I can think of:

  • Sharing the role on Ansible Galaxy;
  • Building extra modules to work with the e-smith layer in simple manner (e.g. calling e-smith-db, e-smith-cfg and e-smith-event modules);
  • (of course) generalizing the role and providing intermediate API to help sysadmins manage NethServer with Ansible.

Unfortunately I may see some issues with the Ansible development, lately they are a little “unstable” also on stable and release branches, and this is a pity.

If you have any questions, please do ask :slight_smile:

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Ok, I might of missed in the thread or I might be out of date on Nethserver’s implementation, but Zentyal has a full blown Samba 4 domain controller, and Nethserver only has domain integration. I think that is glossed over in the sheet when it states that they both have domain services. So are we being honest with ourselves and others?

My understanding is that v7 will have Samba 4 with Domain controller functionality, correct?




You’re right, if we’re talking about 6.* just domain integration is avaialble.
V7 will have Samba 4 with Domain controller functionality
The matrix above is editable, feel free to add your comments. :point_up:


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Hi cacique @alefattorini

I’ll see what I can get from this model and other visual cues. :thinking:

Do you know that for some time I used to “translate infographics”?
Pick up, somehow, it is quite pleasant.

:musical_score:@Alessia:musical_note: … are you there? :upside_down:


What? I really don’t understand!:open_mouth:

Oh! excuse me. I’m working on it, similart art, Slowly, bit by bit

I love infographics but I’m not good at these things. Would you mind setting up a visual comparison?
You should do this based on our matrix and NethServer 7 features


I want to bring out something infographic in that regard.

If it is for NS7 much better. We would be pointing to the correct target.


  • Final list - or at least RC - what will compare
  • Brief description of what is being compared
  • A preliminary date and end date
  • Partners contributing ideas

I’m working on some development updates, so you can add more info to your infographics


I want to refer to something of a thread about it and Discourse would not let me see.

I want to review the comparison matrix @vhinzsanchez

I had to click on the avatar to teach Discourse that was what I needed to read: An UTM comparison matrix with NS

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Sure @apradoc. If you could PM me your Google ID, I can give you access. I also think that the table has been outdated, could use some help to update.


Agree, what help do you need?

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Just to update the table. This will be useful not only for me but for the community in particular and any system admin in general. As you know, I have been out of circulation for some time…though simple checks here was made. The work I have now requires me to invest more time as project looms and I was also recently been made an officer of our homeowners assoc.

Rest assured, I’ll be here, not as actively but will still drop from time to time.


Don’t worry, be happy (@apradoc)

Thanks for your time anyway

Just my 2 cents: I think it is good to compare more or less similar distros, but I think that since the release of Zentyal 4.0, the aim of either distro has grown so far apart that comparing them is almost impossible.

Distro’s that come much closer to NethServer are Univention and ClearOS. Maybe ISPConfig, but that also has some other aims.

We should focus on the strong points of NethServer and publish those!


I don’t think that Univention can be compared with NS. Not even with Zentyal 4.2.
Can be only DC/AD, File Server, Print Server, with some additional apps. Can be used only in LAN (GREEN Zone). No UTM facilities. At least what I could see in 10 minutes …

"UCS functions

  • Microsoft Active Directory compatible domain services
  • Integrated app center to install third-party applications and additional UCS components
  • Network and intranet services
  • Server management"

Totally agree with you!


Which arw those strong point? I’d like to highlight them on our new site