Zentyal vs NethServer comparison matrix

I’m not sure to go into all that much details, a generic overview could be enough for newcomers.
Perhaps we can do another advanced comparison :wink:

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Agreed, infographics must be very straightforward for anyone, simple is better. Too much text makes it really noisy and annoying.

Anyway maybe the point is to get new users, not to to do scientific achives imho :smiley:


Whener you are ready, I am willing to help

I’m ready… you can start to work on an advanced comparison… :wink:

happy to help


Yes I remember now, I’ve already tried this. They want money from everything on earth. :frowning: I don’t like this policy. Sticking with offline Inkscape for now, this will be the best :wink:
You know I like the NethServer policy: get everything for free, learn to use it, love it, share into the community and promote it to others who will buy support, for ex. my company :smile:


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Guys sorry to say but I have to give up on experimenting with this spreadsheet inside infographics thing. I neither have knowledge nor have time to play with this anymore, so I attach the svg file I’ve created with Inkscape, if anybody feels so please fix it to not be that ugly like now.
I’m rather doing the Hungarian translating job jow, it’s a little delayed I think.

Here’s the file:


Thanks anyway man! Any Zentalian’d like to continue great @WolfAddict’s work? @fmoreira @gsiotas @todd_firkins @8omas @Ctek ? :wink:

Unfortunatelly I’m not good with graphics… Also time is a big issue but I’ll give my support if someone is going further with this project.

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Comparison matrix above is updated? Should we add/modify something?

Hi! NethServer does not have FTP and WEB servers which allow for example to deploy company website (at least it is not configurable from management web interface). Or am I missing something?

Oh, found FTP. It should be installed manually - yum install nethserver-vsftpd. But anyway there is nothing for web server with virtual hosts which can be configured from admin-interface…

PS: Also found how to make web server using shared folders! Question closed :slight_smile: NS is great!

We should make them clearer I guess, a FAQ?

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i would just add that zentyal has site-to-site VPN via Zentyal-To-Zentyal (openVPN tunnel). Problem is this only works if you have 2 zentyal servers. But it works well in that case. Good thing for nethserver is that Zentyal 4.1 dropped a lot of features (traffic shaping, IDS,…). If i were running NethServer i would even consider google adwords for keywords for people that are looking for those missing features in zentyal 4.1 (since they are gone). This might be an opportunity for nethserver to take zentyal’s user base.

Just for the record, NethServer supports vpn net-to-net and roadwarrior, with another NethServer or server linux with openvpn.
Vpns IPSec net-to-net are supported too. Take a look at the docs for more infos

@alefattorini I know that, I was simply pointing out the mistake in the matrix that says Zentyal doesn’t have it. I like NethServers idea better, still have to test it though :wink:

You’re right, the @WolfAddict should add the correct version 4.1 for Zentyal

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can we add OCS NG, Nagios and Adagios on the comparison chart? i like those features :smiley:

Sure, Just added!

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