Zentyal user migration

Hi all,
I am looking into migrating from Zentyal 4.0 to Nethserver. I have about 100 user accounts, groups and contacts.
Is there any way to migrate all these accounts over to Nethserver automatically, or will I have to bite the bullet and recreate them manually?
I looked around in the forums, but couldn’t find information regarding this topic.
Thanks, awesome product.

Hi sgb77,

It should be the same way as from SME: http://docs.nethserver.org/en/v7/migration.html#email

The source host at IPADDR must be accessible by the root user, through ssh with public key authentication.

Generate root ssh key and transfert it to the SOURCE server.

On the DESTINATION server run the script:

    /usr/share/doc/nethserver-mail-server-<VERSION>/sync_maildirs.sh [-h] [-n] [-p] -s IPADDR
        -h          help message
        -n          dry run
        -p PORT     ssh port on source host (default 22)
        -s IPADDR   rsync from source host IPADDR
        -t TYPE     source type: sme8 (default), ns6

The users have to be already created in the DESTINATION server and have loged in at least one time so to create their email dir.

Create a user in DESTINATION, log in and then try the “dry run” first. It won’t do nothing but will show you if it is working and at least it will simulate the transfert of the emails of that user.

I used that way for a LINUX SME-9.2 and it worked perfectly. It should work from any Linux server… The only question I have is the “-t TYPE” parameter for Zentyal…


P.S. Some qualified NS admin will make some replies to your post and give you better procedures.

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@giacomo Isn’t it possible to dump the samba db as zentyal and restore at nethserver? The samba should be the same, or not?

Why should be the same?
Do Zentyal support LDAP connection?
Could LDAP be the path for import user and groups data?

Why not using Samba AD at Nethserver?

LDAP import from zentyal, LDAP export to NSDC. This is what i was thinking to…

I was thinking about using the AD, because Zentyal Users and Groups are saved in a samba 4 AD.


Nethsserver AD is also a samba 4 AD, so I thought the Samba MySQL (MariaDB) tables should be the same.
Please correct me if I’m wrong.

I have no idea, I never used Zentyal and I don’t know so well the AD.
But I know that @davidep migrated a Zentyal to a NethServer (it was a paid project for a customer): it’s an hard job and requires much expertise.

Please refer to this howto


And this discussion: Add/Replace existing AD Domain Controller with ns7

To demote the old DC: https://wiki.samba.org/index.php/Transferring_and_Seizing_FSMO_Roles

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