Zentyal and listen to the needs of the community

I used to love Zentyal back in the days of eBox.

Like a lot of people, I got sick and tired of losing features with every new release and trying to work with a community which wasn’t listened to by the development team.

For me Zentyal feels much more closed. NethServer has a very modular design, which lends itself to a much more agile server.

The addition of Samba 4 in NethServer 7 is a game changer, no question about it.

The future is looking very bright for NethServer, the community is very active and the development team works so hard to listen to the needs of the community, something that is sadly missing from Zentyal.


How can we push the button further on this? How can we improve our transparency and ability to listen to others?
Times ago I write this post on how the community can provide its voice in NethServer development and roadmap
I wonder if you have any thoughts on this, I have my own views on it, will keep it to myself for now, so as not to steer the conversation here