Wrong display language in selection box after installation

A Nethserver 7.9.2009 installed with German language settings, dislayed “English” as the current display setting, which is wrong, because the current langage is indeed German.

In my opinion, it is the right behavior. I often switch from German to English. When I am in German, I want to switch to English. Therefore, it is more convenient when English is preselected.
I do not need the switcher to show me what my current language is.
Sincerely, Marko

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IIRC it depends of the browser, often I switch to french and I stick most of time in english for development

No, is is obviously inconsistent, because it says, that English is active but in fact German is active as you can see in the German words in the background behind the dialog box.

If you switch to German, that go again into the box it shows German. If you switch to another language, than this language is selected. It seems to be wrong only sometimes (or maybe only directly after installation).


It IS consistant. Read the text. It IS written in future tense…

(For english speakers: The red highlighted words are in german future tense, and say “choose the language to be used”)…

The box says nothing about “current language” and indeed displays german…

I understand this same as @capote

My 2 cents

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No, it IS inconistent behaviour. Please try yourself. Switch to any other language and open the dialog again. It ALWAYS shows the current active language and this is by the way the way ALL GUIs (not only in Nethserver) work: If you open a configuration dialog, the current settings is shown not something totally independent.

The only difference seems to be the first time after installation, when I open this dialog, then it seem to show English always no matter what language has been choosen at installation. The bug is, that the installation selection is not transferred to this dialog. After switching languages ONE time, it works. It is just a minor bug, but it is definitely a bug.

Unfortunately there a a couple language settings bugs / inconsistencies in Nethserver, so it takes a lot of configuration until all language settings are corrected in various places (cockpit, nextcloud, webtop, …). This should be improved.

I do agree there are a number of (minor) translation bugs - at least in german.

Like the using of Leistung instead of Power, as in english…

Bildschirmfoto 2021-02-23 um 10.29.59

I was not talking about translation errors at all, but about inconsistent language settings. The translation errors are another topic and I corrected many of them resp. originally translated missing ones, especially in webtop.

“Leistung” is the wrong translation here, it would be better to use “Stromzufuhr” or “Ein/Ausschalten”.

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I switched it issue back to “bug”, because it is inconsistent and wrong behaviour. See explanation above.

Addition: The settings seems to be stored in cookies AND in nethserver which does not make any sense. If I switch with one browser and open the dialog again, it displays the correct setting. If I go to another browser and it displayed the last setting which was used with this browser. The setting should only be stored in nethserver and when opening the dialog it should show the current settings, as all other dialogs in nethserver also.

The tracker of bug for cockpit is not under our hand but in the rhel side, not sure we can do something here.

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