Workshop on nethserver for SME / SHOS people


I am planning to conduct a workshop on nethserver for SME/SHOS in Cochin, India.
I would like to know the solutions for below questions, this will help me to answer their question.

Back to exchange server professionals questions
1>Does it support Active directory
2> Will it support MS outlook or outlook express
3> How do u take backup and how efficient is to restore
4> Is there any simple procedure to migrate from Exchange server to the netserver
5> Later after I am using netserver and not happy with it, is it possible to migrate back to microsoft exchange server

Hi, I’ll try to answer some questions.

NethServer can join an existing Active Directory, but it can’t act as an Active Directory domain controller.
For instance, NethServer can’t manage group policies.

Sure, you can access all mailboxes with any IMAP-capable client.

There a two kind of backup.
Take a look at the manual:

For the mail part, you can use IMAPsync.

I think you can always use IMAPsync…but I’ve really no idea :smiley:
Anyone on this?

Yep, you can, but I never (never!) saw this type of migration :grin:

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Uh really curious about this! Could you publish this workshop somehow?

Thank you for the inputs. The workshop is planned on 30th May and I will publish the details here after confirming the venue.


Ehi how did it go? :smile: