Wireguard support in Nethserver 7

hello I am reading about WireGuard, did anybody try it with Nethserver ?

It worked, see Wireguard support in Nethserver

sounds good I like 2 try it :slight_smile:

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Hello now WireGuard Windows is there (i think a beta).
did anybody try to use it, as a windows client ?

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A package is planned?

No planned roadmap. Voluntarily contributing to the community:

For your informations:

Hope to see it in NS.
But is not super important to me because upcoming version of my NS’s host (unRAID) is going to implement it anyway.
Still, cool addition for an “AiO” server like NS.

I started to work on it some time ago:

I am going to recheck and report…


just stumbled upon a UI:

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Currently a docker image…

@giacomo @dnutan @mrmarkuz
is possible be a replacement of ovpn in the future?

More Info:

Best Regards

I hope to be able to finish the module soon…

Who knows :slight_smile: Let’s see if the feature lands in RHEL kernel or not.

Time will tell!

Please no.
Ok add something, but please do not remove OpenVPN. I’d say the same thing for IPSec for Net2Net Networks.

The opinion of a firewall builder about WireGuard.
Take a tea o some long soft drink before start

(it’s a man biased, but i think get some points)


And Firefox published Firefox VPN.

Firefox Private Network

Beta app for USA market, currently

Based on Wireguard…

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look like easier and not for complex work, I’ts like VM vs Docker :grin::grin: but still need a serverless :wink:

Thanks for volounteer to develop the solution in NethServer, @Zaman.

Hi all, new test user here. I am planning/hoping to migrate to Nethserver from a well running 9-year-old MacOS Server running several websites, Nextcloud, low volume email and fileserver, all of which get traffic via a Wireguard PersistentKeepalive tunnel from a DigitalOcean VPS with static IP running as a gateway.

I have been watching this thread for a year now and have tried to follow the posts that it “works” but am having no luck figuring it out. Wireguard is set up and starts with no errors, but can’t ping anything when it’s up. It may be I don’t fully understand Nethserver’s networking/firewall yet.

Has anyone had anymore luck with this recently or have any new tips? Is it even possible to connect my Nethserver (as a peer/client) to my Wireguard gateway?