Windows 10 pro 64bit 2004 Login and Shares

NethServer Version: 7.8.2003
Module: Samba 4.55

including all updates


I am a lill bit confuesd, with my test of Samaba file-shares. First AD ist installed and running. With Windows 10pro 2004 my server is not visible :frowning( . With Windows 7pro 64 it is :slight_smile: any idea?

But i can connect with the IP and share name (both 10 and 7).

Next is loginname only the full name ( is possible. Short name (test) is not working. I did not know why?

Later the Windows 10 PCs had be to be DominMembers.

thx Axel

PS after a clean up with ccleaner network at windows 7 is emty too

You can also use “domain\user”. In your example it would be “server\test”. This is mandatory in samba-AD, not NS specific.


Thanks Ralf

server\test is working too as a login

Yes Thats true is the samba part.


This is because Win10 dropped cifs by default.
You can try to activate cifs in "control panel / programs and features / Windows-Features:

Than you’ll see your nethserver, I think.

SMB 1.0 is not a big problem, only if somebody use it.
Windows 10 is runnig out of the box with Samba 4.55.
It must be SMB 2 or 3.

Login and acess on the share ist running with FQDN User or “domain\user”

looks like browseble is off