Why nethserver shows lets encrypt certificate for common sites?

NethServer Version: 7
Module: ?

Hi, my nethserver is running well (i think because i don’t have any big errors yet) but since today i get a strange behavior:
if i visit a website, maybe google.com, the nethserver let’s encrypt certificate is shown as certificate for the webpage instead of the origin certificate.
And i don’T know if the other error belongs to the same behavior: when i visit a website , a website from the local nethserver installation will appear “Congratulation, your nethserver is running and up” or something like that.
How and why is this working?
Regards Sebastian

Seems like you are redirected to the Nethserver default website at https://yournethserver.tld

Do you use a proxy or web content filter?

Please try from Nethserver and from a client on command line if nslookup and traceroute to google.com has correct nameserver, IP and hops.

nslookup google.com

traceroute google.com (for Windows client use tracert)

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Maybe something is configured in a wrong way?
Would you please to extend the description of your network enviroment, configuration and modules used on NethServer, @simpsonetti?

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Hi and sorry for no answer for that long time,
i don’t know exactly if it has to do with pihole, but i configure the dns back to my original settings and now it seems to work normaly.
but anyway: i’m changing my provider in a few days, for round about 8 months a had 2 ISPs and therefor 2 routers.
when i have my single isp in a few days, i will setup my home network in a other way like now.
Maybe than some of my strange behaviors are gone.