Why can't I access my server with the server_name fro RED?

If I type the server_name (https://server1.home.lan:980) in the browser I get a connection from GREEN but not from RED. Why not?

Why do I need it? If I try to connect via VPN to the server the server_name is in the certificates and not the IP address.

Hi Stefan,

You need FQDN to access from WAN (RED), something like: https://server1.home.com:980

What should be the different between https://server1.home.lan:980 and https://server1.home.com:980?
As fare I understood I can use any name in my network which I like.

My configuration is following:
Connect with the router are some computers and the Nethserver with RED and fix IP
Second NIC fom NS is GREEN.

From GREEN I can get access via FQDN but not from a computer in RED via FQDN. And this is the problem with VPN.

Not to be misunderstood and to understand better, please read the following:


Also you can search Google to understand much better.

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It is all about where your domain “home.lan” is known through DNS. The only location where that is registered is on your NS. And your NS is allowed to resolve names on your LAN, not outside your LAN. For domains outside your LAN your NS uses other DNS servers, like the one from your ISP, Google or OpenDNS.
You have to be aware that your domain “home.lan” is just not registered with those other DNS services. (and it never will because .lan top level domain is not available for public use).

To solve this, you can use a Dynamic DNS provider like noip and register your server there so it will be accessible with the registered name from RED interface, This also means that anyone can access your server through that name.

Last tip: to be safe, only allow your webmanagement page from GREEN. Use a VPN when you are not on your LAN to connect to your LAN.

@GG_jr @robb

Thank you for your help. Now I understand it but I don’t know how to solve my original problem. I will open another topic.

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