Who needs a little joke today?


Vacation? Sounds like an intresting concept… :slight_smile:

There are a lot of people who don’t quite understand the difference of vacation and visiting relatives.
They visit relatives two or more times a year, but NEVER go on vacation.

My 2 cents


Thanks, you waked me up :joy:

I agree my family goes to visit relatives for a vacation but when i get down there my time is usually spent doing things i couldn’t do remotely (one time a relative of my wife’s asked me to fix a light for her turns out shed been waiting 2 years for us to come down as she didn’t think her partner could do it :slightly_smiling_face:)

i’d say no and I’m here on vacation but rob said it best

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People should take vacations all at the same time within a family and all get together in a vacation! :slight_smile:

We just did that! 14 people (all vacinated) in a big house by the beach…

Juquehy - São Paulo - Brazil! :slight_smile: its awesome!


Learning your equations…


In 3 weeks a new cocktail will be the most requested among all the world.

TPM 2.0

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So the supposedly last version will not be the last. UEFI, secure boot, TPM2.0, >=DirectX12, Online Account, cherry-picked CPUs… TPM 2.0 modules costing nearly the same (or even more) than some motherboards… For how long has the joke been running?
well… at least someone cares for security.

Apple user:


You want a better iPhone 13, with Type C and… Cheaper?
Buy an iPad Mini!
Worse camera, much better transfer speed!

Windows 7 + KB5005573 + Printer = 0x0000011b

Headache intensifies…
Long story short…
As stated by Redmond Inc, this month the CVE is fixed. Client and Server side. Wonderful.

Except Windows 7 (and 2k8 R2): patches published and downloadable, but… dear, oh dear: no ESU key, no patch install, according to nice posts on Reddit. Question is: do I raise a nice VM to have proof of it?

Who’s the joker Today? Yeah, MastersofSteal…
Hoping that some effective ULART can hit some common sense into them… Because also sVista is vulnerable too…

In a world without walls and fences,
who needs Windows or Gates?

→ From the signature of an E-Mail seen around 2000 - but still valid!



I’m pretty tired to seen Mr Gates called as “the evil” of the OSes/software. No Cook or Jobs saint here, or any IBM, SCO, Novell CEO/CFO. Companies wants money. More. Even more. There’s nothing new on that.

I’m feeling so much more focused to see Ballmer at least as a real evil. And with much more “common sense” guidance and vision by Nadella. But still no saint…

C: “Hey Dumbass tech! Speed of 4G connection sucks a lot! Fix it. NOW
M: “Never changed a thing during last year. Try to power-off/power-on 4G router and firewall. Consider 15 minutes of downtime”.
C: “Done yesterday, changed nothing. My home ADSL is faster, and you know how cheap i am. Fixit, Dumbass Tech!”
M: “Start the remote support tool before lunch, send me access data. I’ll take a run on parameters for see if something’s wrong”

After 45 minutes of log sweeping and parameters checking i stumbled on this
Customer was right. I am a Dumbass Tech.
Now works a bit better…


And here once again your comment was insightful. Faced the issue today. Thanks for the tip.

on the server to allow printing again. There is the DWORD value:

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I thought to post both .reg file content (unlock now, re-lock when Windows 7 will be out of the network) but… Maybe was inappropriate…



Or Autodestroyer?

Potayto, potahto…



This might help Outlook to behave like an email client, not a smartphone app.





Does it cut to that bandwidth limit?! Never tested that out in nethserver, does it slows down the connection?

Lol, i was a teacher sometime ago(coding), and and my school we used to have 1gbit internet connection, so i asked students to download android studio, in their thoughts…

> Yes, this will take ages! No class today!

It was pretty fast to download ahahhaha, but once installed nothing is fast in android stdio! :frowning:

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