Who need a little joke today?

(Mark Edworthy) #161

Nice cartoon of Theresa May (aka. the “Neville Chamberlain” of our time) and her (unsuccessful) attempts at getting deals agreed so that the United Kingdom of Great Britain can exit from (the dictates of) the European Union as amicably as is possible.

I am just waiting for us (the British) to actually leave the EU either with or without a deal in place (and in my opinion, I would prefer to see us leave without any actual deal being agreed and then we British can return to WTO standards).

After all, no one would actually want to become a vassal state to an overly burdensome, anti-democratic and authoritarian oligarch.

(Michael Kicks) #162

All we are. There are at least 5 or 6 oligarchy nations into the world who are trying to rule it…

(Rob Bosch) #163

Seagulls can be convincing…

Nice sweater
It would be too bad if someone shits on it.
Put the chips on the ground…

(Rob Bosch) #164

Winter is gone… so is the snowman…

(Michael Kicks) #165

Do you know Alex Zanardi?
He’s a car driver who had a little… issue in Lausizring during 2001.

Last year a meme appeared 'bout him and bocelli. Not that nice.

Girl on the beach, man on the beach
Zanardi on the beach, Bocelli on the beach.

Yeah, smells like troll.
Alex answered… like a pro.
" Il lettino potevano mettermelo sullo Yacht, che è ancora più realistico…"

You could put me on the Yacht, it’s more realistic…
(Alex owns a boat, of course)

Today he twitted again…

Do you remember “Zanardi on the beach?” This is the right picture!

As some italians says… Ossom… (sounds like awesome)