Who need a little joke today?

(Bill ) #121

For those who use phone support.

(Rob Bosch) #122

If you like

go for it… hehe

(Andrey Bailey) #123

Really funny gif :joy::rofl:

(Rob Bosch) #124

Bitch or Jerk, what’s in a name… :wink:

(Michael Kicks) #125

Some says that algorithms sometimes creates different ways to see the world.
All we know it’s called the Genius (the one who approved that policy

(Rob Bosch) #126

Another German one:

which translates as:
q: Are you going to have your 80th birthdayparty tomorrow?
a: No, because I have an early shift the day after…

(Uwe) #127

It can be reality here in germany within the next 20 years.

Thanks to Mr. Gerhard Schröder…

(Rob Bosch) #128

Always short on time:

(Rob Bosch) #129

Brits… sigh

(James Nesbitt) #130

And for someone who has been living in the UK for 4 months short of 10 years - I can only wholeheartedly agree… :rofl:

(Rob Bosch) #131

They don’t call it the RIGHT side of the road for nothing… hehehe

(Michael Kicks) #132

An English joke for Italian people’s brain…
on the left side there’s nothing right on the right side there’s nothing left.

(Rob Bosch) #133

Love word and language jokes

(Michael Kicks) #134

And Ferrero did a lot of money on that…


What? Is the driver is really on the wrong side?
The dark side? Let’s go my dear Watson?

What going on if the driver is romantic? Is the cops is female?
Should it stay ou should it go?

Thank you, @robb :woman_mage:

(Rob Bosch) #136

@pike: not the chocolate treat… Kinder is plural for Kind, which means child in German… :wink:

(Michael Kicks) #137

I know. Ferrero were smart on using brand names.

(Rob Bosch) #138

Installing new software in the brain… now that’s a nice way of putting it…

(Michael Kicks) #139

It’s not a joke. It’s a damned good way to explain.


Or an update :smiling_imp::woman_mage: