Who need a little joke today?

(Bill ) #121

For those who use phone support.

(Rob Bosch) #122

If you like

go for it… hehe

(Andrey Bailey) #123

Really funny gif :joy::rofl:

(Rob Bosch) #124

Bitch or Jerk, what’s in a name… :wink:

(Michael Kicks) #125

Some says that algorithms sometimes creates different ways to see the world.
All we know it’s called the Genius (the one who approved that policy

(Rob Bosch) #126

Another German one:

which translates as:
q: Are you going to have your 80th birthdayparty tomorrow?
a: No, because I have an early shift the day after…

(Uwe) #127

It can be reality here in germany within the next 20 years.

Thanks to Mr. Gerhard Schröder…