Who need a little joke today?

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OK, I might get banned for this one. (sorry in advance to my italian friends) :smiley:

/edit: WOOOOT 100th post in this topic

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(Same as UK :smiley: )

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@robb Please don’t feel sorry - Its quite understandable…

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Here French one on the climate negotiations currently going on in Poland (COP24)

For non-french speakers:

We have not met the commitments of cop20, 21, 22 and 23, but this time it will change. we will no longer make any commitments and we will stick to them.

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Be careful with what you eat. It might hurt someone…

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Let me apologize to all female members in advance but I just couldn’t resist…


This one is sexist, but what make me laught is the similarity, the parallel with a another logo at the brazilian tv

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One on the Gatewick-drone incidents…

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Ok, spoiler alert: This is how newyears eve started.

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watch and shiver…

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Dogs know what they want:

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Food for thought…

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rock, of course…

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Only coders understand this (and I am obviously not one of them… lol )

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KARMA!.. lol


There’s alway a “way” to do… Mouah aj ah

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I found a German one: (for all (like me) who think coffee is the first need for life)

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Without this little “morning-fairy” I wouldn’t survive the day! :smile:

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It is getting ironic, but still: privacy in the “real world” is considered normal behavior, not so much for the electronic world… (would you accept it when someone you invite to your home, starts opening drawers and doors?)

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Work to do before reading LOL…