Where to post a bug report

Yesterday @stephdl was attempting to upload an RPM to packages.nethserver.org but he received an error.

He reported the problem on github. Luckily the issue was temporary, but it started an interesting discussion about the bug tracker and I would like to listen to others, too!

@davidep wrote:

I’d prefer keeping the discussions around the infrastructure on community.nethserver.org, what do you think?

@stephdl replied:

Because you ask me, I will be sincere. I really don’t know where to post a bug report. I came from a project where the bug report software is a central place in the development environment, with rules to respect.

I see here three places to do a bug report, discourse, redmine, github… There can be only one

Original github issue:

We should start all the discussions here, bugs too and keep GitHub just for track issues, code and pull requests.
It has worked until now so it might be the right way. People don’t like to check many places and here it’s easier to discuss than on GitHub, it’s more inclusive as well.

Therefore you can close the dev github repository to the public display…it deserves nothing

I don’t understand, could you explain it?

When somebody files a bug on github there’s a template to fill with the required information to build a correct bug report.

Starting the bug discussion here helps to gather that information and involves more people to reproduce the bug. It is a triage stage. It also avoids filing duplicates, and invalid bugs. It keeps the bug tracker clean.

So where to file a bug? The rule is simple: here! But if all required info are known, you can also file it directly on github. However posting here helps to inform other people.

Same rule for redmine, the old tracker for bugs affecting ns6.

I’d say, same rule for problems affecting the infra, too: mirrors, packages.nethserver.org, www…

Keep in mind that a lot of bugs aren’t actually bugs but support requests, moving the category here is very simple.
Finally, several Communitties are doing the same, moving away from Github for discussions and triaging
Github is useful for its strong connection with code, PR and stages (testing, released, ecc)

Clear as a mountain source.

I wrote this a while ago, I’m open to suggestions in order to improve it

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…what to do if the bug is on the project infrastructure (not NethServer itself)?

  • The www site is down
  • Problems with mirrors
  • Problems with packages.nethserver.org
  • Problems with discourse (this forum)

Good question, we can just use “community” and tag it with "infrastructure"
I don’t think they deserve a category, I feel that they are not so numerous

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I’d go with Bug category + “infrastructure” tag. The Bug category seems more appropriate to me. Also past reports felt in Bug category.

The FAQ should be updated accordingly.

It sounds fair to me, I just updated the FAQ /cc @dnutan