Where do I post bug report for links to docs?

Hello all.

This is my first post.

I’m a refugee from ClearOS which I have run at home for nearly 20 years.
I’d like to learn and hope I’ll be able to help in time.

In starting my journey, I found two links on the main docs website that are broken. I’d like to post a bug report but the github docs, doesn’t have a place to post a bug. I don’t know much about github except that I post bugs for some projects but am willing to learn how things are done around here.

Where do I post bugs for the website documentation links?

Here are screenshots of the issue:

and you get a 404 error for both links that I tried.

Thank you in advance.


Hi Nuke and welcome to NethServer!

Sadly the web site is a WordPress instance hosted somewhere and pull requests do not work with it!

Your detailed post count as a bug report though! Thank you very much for reporting it, I’ll fix it soon :+1:

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Thank you! Fixed.

How’s going as refugee?

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