What's making NethServer different than other communities?

Today one of you replied to a question from mine with this sentence:

What mostly made me test out Nethserver was the kindness that I saw in the forum. And that people can ask any stupid question they want and not being called noob. We all have gaps in our knowledge and how stupid the question is it’s an opportunity to fill that gap in a persons life. By lifting up each other we will all be enriched in the end.

So a new question came up to my mind: what’s making NethServer so different? It’s just that :point_up: or is there something else? How can we do even better? I’m especially eager to know newcomers thoughts on that


Greetings, Brother Alessio. :wink:

While I think that other things, what I’m sure can make you different is an extensive support of languages, in documentation and in the native language chat rooms we have enabled.

Let us make a map of our ambassadors by language, surely this initiative will add a positive value to their professional reputation :es: :it: :gb: :jp:

I will continue mulling :man_with_turban:


I agree! We’re working hard on moving the docs localization process on Transifex!


Especially for languages where it is not obvious that English is understood. Over here in the Netherlands and Belgium, most people (and especially IT people) are quite well capable of using an English version of the software and read English documentation. I know a lot of people that even prefer to have their systems in English.
But I also realize that in several countries it is not that obvious and localized versions of Software and documentation are very much needed.

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We should help and stimulate our @translations_team and our brother @jgjimenezs
The best approach could be just

  • “ask for help” and new people will come.
  • working out loud sharing your achievements here in community