What VPS would you use with NS and why would you use it?

Hello Everyone!
I’ve been searching through the community history and noticed that it has been quite a while since VPS was discussed and wanted to see what everyone had to suggest. So here it goes.
If you were going to setup NS on a VPS, what VPS would you use and why would you use it (cost, dependability, etc).
So here is the fun part… 1…2…3… Go!

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I’m running a Neth server on Contabo using one of their Large SSD instances (600 GB SSD, 24 GB RAM, 6 cores). EUR14.99/mo. It didn’t like running Tor at all, but since I stopped that, it’s been pretty solid.

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I don’t use a VPS but I plan to setup it up in one using Amazon Web Services.

AWS are good and solid and offer a wide variety of options for the server configuration. The cost is very much dependant on the CPU speed, disk size, RAM, and how many hours a month you run the EC2 Instance (AWS’s product name for a VPS), etc.

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I am on the same situation as @danb35 : Running NethServer on a Contabo medium SSD VPS. (12GB memory, 300GB SSD diskspace and 4 Xeon E5 cores. And that for EUR9,- per month! I just haven’t seen it anywhere near that price… And 1 snapshot included so whenever I need to make a major change, I do a snapshot. If the change goes sour, I revert back and am up and running again within a minute.

Data backup goes to stackstorage from transIP. This is an owncloud based 1TB free online storage.

/edit: just had a look at AWS EC2 information. What a complete MESS they have created. There is just no option to find out what a VPS costs per month. This is just something for companies that just don’t care what they pay for a VPS.

To calculate the cost of an AWS EC2 Instance, you take the hourly price and multiply is by 720 to get the monthly cost (assuming it runs for the full 720 hours in the month). I do admit that the pricing could be somewhat easier to calculate at times.

You should see the fun our Devs have with the billing system for our customers…

I don’t know about for larger servers (like a Neth box), but both Google and AWS come in very handy for a small-scale server. I have VPN servers (created using Streisand) running on both services; Google will be free forever (well, until they change their pricing); Amazon will be free for at least a year.

For the 12-month Free Tier, AWS has a small server (a t2-micro), but both AWS and GCP have stupidly large servers if you wish to spend the money on it.

We are currently hosting dozens of NethSever on Digital Ocean, no problem so far.