What is your favorite beer?

I’m very curious! many people here can give some interesting hints.

To eat the food you can’t get here or not in this quality and a German beer. Rothaus1is my favourite and I like Astra as well.

Astra is from Hamburg :slight_smile:
Its the typical local beer you see at the “Schanze” or at the Reeperbahn in St.Pauli. :wink: Ans because you like this, I asume you like stronger beers and not the ones that tastes like water :smiley:

I lived in Lüneburg before I moved to Australia but I was born in Freiburg, South Germany. At that time I found Astra and liked it. Yes, a Pils beer should have a task and not like water.
They have a big variation on kind of beers from many different brewery here in Australia. Not so many Pils but more of Lager, Ale, Bitter and Draught. I can get beer from Bavaria but than it is Weissbier.


Astra is beer for girls. Jever is the only true beer for men. :slight_smile:

Greetings from the south of Germany.


Born in northern Germany

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Leffe for me but i can taste a lot of others

Well, for me it depends where i am. At home i like “fohrenburger”, when i am at the lake of garda, i like moretti (“baffo doro”), if i’m some where else, i’m sure i’ll find one good beer at least. :wink:
allways remember: beggars can not be choosers :innocent:

Any Belgian beer is good.
I had good memories with the Adelscott and the Georges Killians too ( Scottish beer)

Actually in Brazil, the Cerpinha is good, I can easily imagine in the south, where theres lot of German, the beer should be good :smile:

I should say black POLAR in Venezuela

But actually I like the Regional or Zulia :beers:

If it’s cold I like almost all

Belgian beers all the way!!

Just a few names:

belgium beers are not my favourites when I’m on holidays (the fossdem is a place to work), I prefer ‘san miguel’ in spain

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Is “reputed” to be an Irish recipe. But then again I wouldn’t trust Coors to brew anything that remotely tastes like good beer. Sorry.


+1 :slight_smile:

Not for only because of FOSDEM, but probably Delirium is my favorite beer of all times :slight_smile:

But I also often drink Leffe, Chouffe, Chimay, Triple Karmeliet, Rochefort, Westvleteren. I do not disdain also German ones and weiss ones.

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Paulaner or Erdinger Hefeweizen

One that is very very cold

I love corona with lime! So fresh in summer, I drunk a lot of this in Mexico!

I tried corona once didn’t personally like it. Maybe fresh is better? I’ll never know :disappointed_relieved:

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