What is the best way for improve privacy,security and save broadband?


As you know, I’m using Nethserver as a Firewall/Gateway.
With Squid and few add-ons, I can filter and secure my network.

But I would like to improve things…
For exemple, on my Mac, with Firefox, I’m using Noscript, to eliminate all necessaries scripts.
I eliminate all third party cookies.

Little things, that finally improve the privacy, but security too.

I would like to have this possibility on my iDevices,
I pretty sure, that an Enterprise, a SME, a SOHO would like to securing their network this way, to control the network content.

And finally, this stuff… Is the rules of a Firewall/Gateway, isn’t it?

What is the best way to improve the firewall, the gateway to have a better control on the content?

Here my thoughts:

  • Control cookies, and especially thirds party cookies.
  • Control nasty javascript… a Noscript fonction on the gateway, could be good?
  • Eliminate third party scripts.
  • A layer 7 inspection ( already mentioned on an other topic)

What is your point of view?
Did you have other function to achieve this feature? Is squid can do this ? Other stuff ?

I just remember a little tips I’m using at home: It’ s blocking, in the Firefox configuration, the Http referer header.

Is Squid can do this?

To me Office and Home are two different applications.

For office I use network filtering blocking known bad categories as well as misc and uncategorized as well as av and layer 7 application filtering (not nethserver). I don’t use node level filtering like noscript because it’s too much work, noscript is bad enough at home, especially with family, in the office, no.

Noscript is not bad.

It’s the direction the internet going on that is bad ! With Google, Apple, Facebook, Amazon, Microsoft (GAFAM) putting bad javascript for tracking users, making silos to enclose users…

When an entreprise put a firewall, it’s to control the traffic and save broadband.
To put an anti spam system, it’s to control traffic, and save broadband…

To prohibit these nasty scripts, is a way to control and save broadband too.

Agreed on that the big profiling companies destroy the internet as we know it. The only thing to make a point against this is not using the services they offer. Especially tools like Google Analytics. Sure, analytics is giving a LOT of usefull info for your site, but keep in mind, Google has access to those figures too. And not only does Google have access to your data, it has also access to all those other sites that use analytics.

So what to do about it? If you run a reasonable community, you want (and need) those statistics that analytics provides. Without Google Analytics, you have to create something similar that does the same, but keeps the data private. And that can be done with piwik.

There are several other opensource services that can replace the big players on the internet. Maybe you should put your cards on those intelligent services so the big profiling companies are left out.

One french user make a test to mesure the delivery page time, the transmited and the request number on site with and without adblocker…

90% are unusefull. ( between publicity and privacy trackers)

Here the link in french:

Conclusion in my point of view:
Have a good adblocker, fprivacy tracker is a must have.
To save your broadband… As you pay it, you save money too.
I think it’s a good business feature and a way to improve NethServer.