What Does LightSquid Monitor

I have had a veiw uses abusing the internet, I used LightSquid to see who it was. It gave me a few uses that were streaming/downloading videos.
My question is; What does LightSquid monitor? If i look at the month it give me a total of apporx. 75Gb used but the ISP says I have used 180G. Would like to know which of the monitors on NethServer will give me a very close result to theusage of the unternet?

As far as I understand it monitors port 80 http and port 443 https.
Other gigabytes like you have could be used in other ports maybe 22 ssh, 3389 rdp and other many ports …

Monitors and parses squid access.log


Install the ntopng package, this will give you realtime monitoring and you’ll be able to catch even the smarty ones bypassing squid.

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As @sk8erbender and @jfranco have already correctly said Lightsquid tracks just the http traffic

Thank you guys… That is understood. What can I add to my NS server to track everything that flows throught it and give me some kind of daily report. Like Lightsquid days. ClearOS has something like that but I dont know what they using.

I’d take a look at Ntop, bandwidth monitoring module.

@alefattorini I did take a look at Ntop, maybe I am using it wrong. Ntop doesnt start at midnight to midnight and give you a report, when I open Ntop its starts reporting. For example if I wanted usage for a certain date last week. amount data used that day and who was the highest user. Like LightSquid is doing but capture all traffic through the gateway.

@alefattorini, Hi… Anyluck with Ntop bandwidth monitoring module?

Ntop doesn’t have persistent data but it can give you a good overview on your realtime traffic

Thank you, I noticed that, I use it and like the output. Do you know of any plugin/addon I can install on my NS gateway/firewall that will give me a report of how much data in traffic Gb/Mb went through the gateway… I need to generate a report every morning for the boss. It would be nice if it also give me the high IP users.