What causes pst2webtop to skip entries?

NethServer Version: 7.6.1810
Module: pst2webtop

After doing an import can I see that a lot of mail and folders are missing. An example is for sent items where it says “1612 items done, 352 items skipped”. None of the missing items are digitally signed or has anything else that I can see should cause them to be skipped. In other folders where less mails were skipped have I identified the missing mails but can’t see anything odd to them compared to others that were successfully imported.

One thing I have found is that all folders that has all numerical names has been skipped but I’m also missing other folders that I can’t explain. As an example did the folder IDG get imported while the folder IBM isn’t even mentioned during the import. I’ve opened the exported PST file in Outlook to check that they exist there which they do.

Searching on the Internet, I found that it’s a problem with readpst command which compose the script pst2webtop… I don’t know if it possibile to solve (maybe using another command if exists). I’ll do some research and I will update you.


@mahaq Could you try to launch this command?
lspst filename.pst
and see if it lists all emails or only emails that will be imported with the script?

Another dirty workaround (which works only for email messages) is open .pst file from Outlook and feed messages and folder via IMAPS.
It’s not “an option”, it’s the latest option.

@pike Yes workaround is correct, but if you have to move a lot of emails it’s not too much comfortable.
I’m checking if there are some others tools for Centos or if there is a solution to this bug.

If you need to move or migrate multiple mailboxes you can look at imapsync. There are several posts in our forums about imapsync. But this is more a mailbox-to-mailbox option. If all mails reside in a pst file I would go for the method @pike suggests. (imapsync is doing something similar: copying mails from one source to another.

I agree if there are more than 5 folders (not considering sent, inbox, trash and spam, which should be default.)
Also, it has a little plus that allows you to re-use the correct folders (in italian and not english languages, Outlook use localized folder names, which sometimes are not correctly matched into default folders)

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Nothing to do. Readpst doesn’t work. I tried 3 different version and no one works fine.
Please use a workaround.


Maybe @lucag has some clue!

@federico.ballarini It’s hard to say since it only lists the sender and subject but as far as I can see are mails listed from lspst that hasn’t been imported.

Hi @federico.ballarini,
I’m doing internal tests but I can not replicate the problem.
What test did you do to say that Redapst does not work?

I’ve used an archive pst and reapst skips some items.
It doesn’t seem a normal behavior.