What are you working on this week?

This week I’m taking a course (third week of six) about Community Strategy
and learning a lot of stuff to make our community more and more AWESOME! @robb is taking the same course too… so people, basically, we’re working for you :slight_smile:

I’m about to work also on a new Community Digest

What is everyone else up to?

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I’m working on decoding a scrapbooking machine called “Slice” in my sparetime.
It is a 4x4 inch large cube, that can cut shapes out of paper. Out of the box there are SD Cards, that containing the shapes and this SD Cards you have to buy (15$-50$). I like to create custom shapes and not only the predefined by the manufacturer. Because the SD cards are readable and not read-only, I simply started to analyze the files on it and I am done - as far as I think. I know what the important files are doing and how they are formatted. i.e. the images are 2bpp-Images, the shapes are following a syntax based on bytes where there is always a pair of bytes that result in one command (what to do and how long).
My tests are so far successful, but now I need an Editor to create the custom shapes. My current plan is to convert the images to SVG using Inkscape (that has to be done by the user). SVG has the advantage that it is basically a XML-file. So I get the coordinates from it. But because I have to cut a shape pixel by pixel and the grid of the Slice is polar and not a usual XY-grid, I have to convert everything. So I increase the points of the SVG using Inkscape so much, that there is surely a point on every Pixel.
After I did this, I remove the commands like “C”, “M” etc from the Path and convert each coordinate to an integer. After that I remove points that existing twice in the path. Then I have the perfect pixel-based shape of the custom shape. This one I can convert to polar and finally to the format for the SD Card for the Slice.
Hopefully this will work :slight_smile: Wish me luck :smiley:


I’m waiting someone to test this! :stuck_out_tongue:


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Your week looks quite exciting :smiley:

Finished up installing lights and a radio in a police vehicle today, tomorrow? Who knows.

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Everyday there are new challenges. But at the moment i only try to get everything ready until tommorow, because the next two weeks I’ll be on vacation. :grin: So the next two weeks I won’t work!! Just enjoy the beauty of our contry with my familly. But after this, it could be possible, that i’ll maybe be happy to return office. :blush: We will see…

Hope you’ll have some vacation to @alefattorini . Enjoy it.

Don’t work to hard my friends and do some hollidays for recreation, so after that everyone can concentrate on work on NS7 with new power, to become the best server in the world stable!

So long.

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Busy providing general support to various customers as well as help prepare certain customers prepare for some major launches.

Also busy preparing for a nice long family holiday (so will be offline for a bit of time due to no internet connectivity).

I am planning to look at how NS6.8 and/or NS7 (when it is released) can be deployed in the AWS environment, particularly in AWS EC2 Auto-scaling groups and automagically configured in this environment. I can see that this will be a challenging exercise and quite interesting a long posting in the forums once it gets going sometime around end-September or October.


Time to improve settings and algorithms for VPN.