What are you playing now?

HA - faster :grin:

sometimes - I like a round of ARAM

What do you mean? Music or games?

If you like - both:D

But ARAM is one modus of LoL

@alefattorini I still don’t know what he’s talking about. :slight_smile:

Please provide us some links :smiley:

? You want links to league of ledgends?

Von einem Wurstfinger ungeeigneten Gerät gesendet.

-------- Originalnachricht --------


I’m feeling old now… because I didn’t understand all abreviations :smile:

I’m playing again xcom:enemy unknown and xcom: enemy within the bests games ever made

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xcom - great!! I remember 1994!

I’m playing nethserver :joy:


Unreal Tournament 2004… :scream:

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