What are the (social) objectives and visions with Nethserver?

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There is a fine balance between steering technical progression and innovation and guide (new) users that are not so tech savvy. As Joe Morrison started e-smith quite the opposite, make complex tech available to non tech audience for them to be able to benefit from progression and innovation. That was. a long time ago. So…

We can read and discuss all about the technical aspects of Netherserver, but what are the (social) objectives and visions (educate new generations) today with Nethserver? What is the bigger plan and does this unfold itself? How does Nethserver make an impact and an ever lasting impression on the new users? There must be a philosophy and social goal, bigger picture?

Really interesting topic
We already discussed it a lot in the past but I don’t mind talking about

I’m trying to mix up

NethServer supports the community of sysadmins, be they home or business, with a powerful package of software to serve everyone, that will be open, dependable and sustainable for the long term
Our mission is creating an application hosting platform easy to manage on-premises or in the cloud
One platform to run your apps and data anywhere.

What do you think?

Other things in the work, especially with NS8 would be to have the Content Flowing together seamlessly.

for Example.

Visiting the Main Nethserver website: NethServer – operating system for the Linux enthusiast
There is no Mention of NS8 except for a small notification at the Top, which is also not Linking to the BEta 2 but Beta 1
I think from the Main website, we need something linking to this: NethServer 8, the new application hosting platform – NethServer

Then inside that NS 8 Page, we also need something linking to the Docs Here: Introduction — NS8 documentation (nethserver.org)

We Also Need a Content About the Beta 2 on ns8 Page. going Here: NethServer 8 Beta 2 Released 🚀

Infact if possible, BEta one can also be there, then 2 and all others that follow till Release.

That way, it provides a Seamless interlink between the contents, (not everyone will dig into github ) or go to your trello Pages, to follow all other informations.

at the moment, someone not in this community(i mean who has not been a neth user long ), has to dig int alot to find all the information about NS8 Most of which are not seamlessly linked.

I think this is exactly what I am meant. What is a sysadmin today or ever? Today’s SaaS solutions and other services are about click and forget (Next to SLA, contract support obviously). What I am looking for is a broader audience and a serious focus on data privacy e.g.:

“With Nethserver anybody can create his own private cloud where you are in control. Easily select an application of your choice which is already waiting for you, or create your own with the help of our community. Use Nethserver in any situation, at home for your family, for your sports club, for your own business of for a BIG business, Nethserver lets you do it at your own terms. Be in full control of your apps, your data, your users, your security and your growth for Nethserver will grow with you in capacity and size!”

yadiyadiyadi etc etc…

See, no tech sysadmin terms from the 80-ties… We cannot dictate who and how they should use Netherserver (which in my view is a very difficult name, but I addressed that already)

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Thank you just added the ns8 page on the menu and updated the beta2 topbar

Added a box called Resources with the two links above.

Added 4 new boxes on the top that add additional info to ns8 description


Thank you

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