What about Plex Server addon in the software center?

No Media server on NethServer, how about adding Plex Server? Would be nice to have a media server if possible… I see that they have a CentOS version at the plex site. Why not just add it to the software center since plex is so popular. I would not add it via command line because I know It might break the system, Also it might help this distro get more users. This would be for home users. Who ever reads this should leave there comment and vote to see if they want it as a add on. It really would be nice…

thanks for reading, leave your comment so the developers can read it!


Suite du sujet What is the most awesome module/feature for NethServer, that does not yet exist?:

I’ve already submit this idea :smiley:

But it’s a good thing that another(s) user(s) like this idea…

I love Plex, a lot :slight_smile: but never installed on NethServer… Do you have tried with centos packages?


In this vein :smirk: … what do you think about Universal Media Server?

A comparison of Media Servers

A media server would be nice on a home server installation but I would be horrified to see this on a small business server.


NethServer is modular, I think it can be good for home, business and education!

As usual, sharing a prototype implementation in the HowTo category is the first step towards a new Feature!

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I agree 150% with you.


Agreed with @davidep I have no time at the moment but I support such idea if @Jim and @painkiller895 would like to work on a HowTo, why not?

I have tought about that also. I tried some media center and finally I use xbmc at home… Perhaps, if I think about mediacenter I should have a little device (like raspberry) where for example xbmc runs. So, NethServer should be something as plex media server where you can store your media, organize, and broadcasting them on your tv with some sort of device linked to it.

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Plex is client OR server, or both. You can have Plex server on NethServer with your files on shared folders, owncloud, etc and the client on a raspberry + hdmi like yours.
Client and server, if in the same lan, should connect each other automatically

And depending of the Business activity, it could be a business stuff too.
I think about communication, travel agency, photograpy agency…


I might play devils advocate here, but why a business server might need a
media player?

A Travel Agency:
To show video of hotel, or hotel, or beaches and so on…

A Photography Agency:
To show photos, videos about making of or about photography skill and so on…

I can imagine lot of situation about using a media player: to do a vitual show-room!


in this case I’d use a dedicated server running a dedicated distro… I don’t want my domain controller and file server running such a thing

So Why use an all in one distro?

You accept a domain control, file server and mail server on the gateway but not accept a media player… :smirk:

And what about modularity? What about flexibility ?
As all modules in Nethserver, it will be a optional module

You can have a Nethserver instance to do the gateway service and file server.
And you will have a second Nethserver to do the media player Service :joy:

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everybody here is free to install and configure and share their code… I see only people asking for features :smile:

I never said I use NS as a firewall and domain controller

moreover, I think we should focus on the business side of development, meaning that the “homeserver” features are, IMVVVHO, not important or relevant

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Plex would be a great optional addon. In my case I use Nethserver as a file server and a backup server (two separate instances). The file server holds pictures and movies. It also has a mysql server and database. I have a RPi2 running OpenELEC (Kodi) to watch TV and to play movies off the file server. Kodi also connects to the mysql database on the file server to keep all the content centralized.

My Win 7 MCE computers connect to the file server as well, for both pictures and movies.


But keep in mind the target small business, it’s mean a relatively small activity, a relatively small IT team and ressources ( financials ressources)…

The admin, or advanced users can try Nethserver for homeuse before trying in the business for various reason ( hobby, less risky…).

I sincerly think that it could be a strategy for Nethserver growing.

at home you can try whatever you want

at work, with HW nowadays available and things like esxi (there’s a customized version running with no problems on latesh HP microserver) or proxmox, you can have many VM running different services…

even if NS can run as a homeserver, I’d like to see it in a enterprise perspective… otherwise there are dozens of available distro out there

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And you’re using always the NethServer shared folders for that, right? Is Kodi scanning directly them?
Looks like a great solution