What about Plex Server addon in the software center?

Wow it looks pretty easy! Thanks for sharing your notes! :stuck_out_tongue:
@warren_midgley @apradoc @jobezic would you like to test it?

Did anyone else test it ? any comments ? Updates ?
My server Has been Plexing with no problems yet…

Now, Will Plex make it to the software center ? with and update button ?
you know plex makes alot of updates…
please advise

After having tested your command, a simple meta package called nethserver-plexmediaserver might be build.
Might it be a simple starting point for our learning devs? @stephdl @Jim @Ctek @fasttech @dz00te @filippo_carletti anybody else?

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Excuse me for being blunt but… plex?.. really?
IMO plex is for home use. In good German it’s “spielerei” (or in English: just for fun)
I mean, a SMB server is mainly developed for businesses right? Then install plex if you like on your home NS, but wasting valuable dev time on creating a module for this is (again, IMO) throwing away resources.

But since we are here discussing possible new features I do have some ideas:

  • piwik, so you don’t need big-brother-is-watching-you Google analytics on your website/portal
  • Drupal (there is already work in progress on Joomla, but I would prefer Drupal :wink: )
  • Wiki like MediaWiki
  • Alfresco Document management system

Very cool, I didn’t know it!

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It’s a great tool. Very surprising that you didn’t know it.
When you search alternative to Google analytics, it’s the first result

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I am coming to NethServer from ClearOS where Plex is an addon module, the company I work for uses Plex to stream training videos. So for me Plex on NethServer would be awesome.


It seems to me, Nethserver has the capability and flexibility to be a great system for both small business AND home use.
Surely it’s up to the administrator which modules are installed.
I don’t know how many NS installations there are, but I think the more modules that are available, the more attractive the system as a whole.
And a media server would be a valuable addition for many users.


as somebody already pointed out, core devs should deal only with enterprise aimed features…

if the community needs to run a media server or $whatever there are no problems at all… but IMVHO such kind of modules must be developed by contributors, not by core devs…

you can already install on NS every kind of rpm available for centos… it’s up to you…

but if you expect/need it to be integrated and managed by NS gui (and the underlying logic), you have to start to do it yourself

hope now it’s clear

I would like to add to this that it should be high priority to get clear documentation how to create a module for $application.

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I guess PLEX is not used by many and is not that important for users here, sad to see that it was not added to the new alpha version.


I had to install ownCloud on Zentyal myself, make sure it didn’t break anything, plug it into mysql, watch the updates… then watch the Zentyal devs go in a direction few freeloaders had need for, but, the machines are still doing what they were built for and are still updated with security fixes, with NS it’s all taken care of.

Point is, the best way to ensure people spend their own time building what you want for you, for nothing, is to go to their home, and then snivel and bitch that they haven’t done what you want.


I think that it’s a good candidate for bountysource. The roadmap might be:

  • open a new issue on github for 7 version
  • create a bounty with the aim of develop a new module based on your notes
  • Users interested like you can fund the bounty
  • Developers (or would-be devs) like @stephdl @dz00te @ctek @islipfd19 @Nas or others can create the module which closes the issue, claiming the bounty.
  • Finally we can put this new module on the NethForge, installable directly from webinterface

How’s it look?


@painkiller895 are still there? What do you think about my proposal? :smile:

Sounds good thanks for the response, have not been on for a while. I have been very busy helping the kids with there work. Not much time to spend here like before. Can someone pick this up and do it please I would love to but my time is limited at the moment. I would love to see PLEX on nethserver also with auto update like FreeNas does. I hope to be back again soon with the community, nice bunch of guys here…

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Ehi @painkiller895 happy to see you still around!
Would you mind testing your steps above on NethServer 7? So I can open new issue on github ready to be bountized?

Sure I will get back to you as soon as I can…
Thanks for the response…

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O.K. I tested it on Nethserver 7.2.1511 Alpha 2 and all is working well.

Make sure on the script to change to the latest plex server version.

  1. A plex User has to be created before installation of the server.
  2. Log in via your network via samba and create a folder in the plex directory called movies, add a few files. Make a folder called tvshows, add a few files.
  3. Connect to your server via browser http://192.168.1.XXX:32400/web/
    setup your servers name, and all info it will ask for
  4. The plex files will be found in /var/lib/nethserver/home/plex/
    check that your server is running on nethserver by looking in the services window.

Also a script for upgrading would be needed since PLEX upgrades very frequent.



That’s great! Thanks man, I hope we can build up also a module for this