What about a AMA (Ask Me Anything)?

The concept was then adopted by several popular internet outlets but found its popularity when forum style site, Reddit, started a thread where users can ask any questions they wanted to founders of the site or subculture celebrities.

The format is quite simple. There is no format. Anyone can ask anything. As simple as that.
Of course, the celebrity does not answer all questions. The ones with most community votes tend to get replied to. Sometimes the celebrity (or interesting person) replies to further comments in the thread

If you have the opportunity to ask everything to a person, who would you invite here?
It could be someone in this community or external.
Did you have something in mind?

We might organize and hangout or twitterchat or something else.


Hi my bro

Interesting resource to create nodes of connection, to the knowledge of the community, to the product and the company.

I could imagine some variety of Discourse but it should be something more lightweight (it is a reflection and a question at the same time)

In my madness sociable, peaceful and non-violent, flavoured with coffee with a little sweet and a 14-page project to prepare for within about 8 hours, :head_bandage: :upside_down: I like the proposal and I comes to mind the name:

Net Search /var :thinking::joy::joy::joy:

It may seem a methodology superfluous and not centered but at the bottom is a advertising tool with a high power subliminal.

Good that Alessio

(it can be “ver” as in versions or beer!! as … well cold is what really matters)

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If I would want to ask a question i would aim high.
Either James Whitehurst (CEO of Redhat) or Mark Shutleworth (founder of Ubuntu and Canonical)
What Question? Probably community related. Like what would it take to maintain a thriving community while expanding rapidly…