Welcome to NethServer Community

(Alessio Fattorini) #28

Today, another warm welcome to our amazing new members!
@biomassa @oleg_sadov @s_vansleuwen @cf1 @xing211 @rebel @mandcsharma @ultrasec2010 @popupgio @levisjani70
We’re growing very fast!

Please take a minute to comment below and tell us: who you are, what are you working on and what brings you to NethServer?

Can you suggest us a way to improve your landing on this community?
Please leave your comment in this topic, all suggestions are welcome :smiley:

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Welcome also to @paul_marwick @jonathan_weismann @mabeleira @sky4all @macwunder @paulo_security @alessandro_polidori @heaven73 @mrkbkr @andrew (please read above!)

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Finally, Welcome to @daniele1 @sergio_screpanti @brunoaleci @cris @maurizio_ranzini @khaled_velqacem @airaldisandro @nrauso @bernardo @todd_firkins (please read above!)

(biomassa) #31

Hi, thank you Alessio.
My name is Fabio, I work as a freelance linux system administrator for several customers and environments.
I’m in a continuous research to new solutions to improve an IT infrastructure and NethServer looks like a great system.

(Jose "Martin" Abeleira. AKA Marto) #32

Thank you Alessio, my name is Martin, i work as a Unix/Linux and Storage sysadmin for the Uruguay Goverment.

I’m a linux fan, and i’ve been using linux (started with slackware, and passed through redhat, mandrake, centos, and suse) for servers (mail, web, samba, nagios, etc) from around 18 years now, and for desktop for about 7.

I’ve found nethserver more than interesting and i’m willing to take part of the project.

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(andrew) #34

Hi everyone.
My name is Luca “andrew” Andreucci.
I work as a ICT security specialist, but I’ve been a Linux sysadmin for longer than I care to admit :smile:
I met nethserver from a presentation held at my employer’s and I was fascinated by it.
I’m currently trying to figure out how to start my own firm and make nethserver part of it.
I’m still just getting my feet wet, and too bad I’m doing it in my very little spare time. But I’ll keep my eyes and ears open :smile:

Rock on!

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(pedro_gustavo) #36

Hey there everybody!!

I have a good news… A new test server is already deployed!! =P It’s running a traffic monitor (with ntop). I’m a CentOS distro fan and it’s so cool to see this tool working so well in it. I hope that this community grows more and more. This is very important so we can share new ideas, translate some stuff and share many other ways of deployment too. So… I’m going to test other functions and when I get my Test Server finished, I’ll bring some tips and ideas.

P.S = Sorry, I didn’t introduce myself. My name is Pedro, I live in Brazil (João Pessoa - PB) and I work with Computer Networking Infrastructure (VMware, Linux, MS AD…). Feel free to contact.

(Alessio Fattorini) #37

Thanks to @pedro_gustavo @mabeleira @andrea for having broken the ice. Hope someone else follow your example :wink:

(warren_midgley) #38

Thank you so much for allowing me to become a part of the NethServer

I feel NethServer is perfectly placed to fill the computing needs of small
to medium size businesses (SMEs). As you know, under the current economic
conditions companies have to think smart to stay ahead of the competition,
and NethServer certainly helps.

NethServer gives cash poor companies the change to have the exact same (and
sometimes better) computer services as much bigger organizations.

Now Microsoft keep stripping back the functionality of Small Business
Server (exchange for example in favor of Office365) the mass market left
behind is begging for an easy to use, stable, scalable open source solution.

SME server is unable to innovate
Zentyal have become too much focused on subscription based services,
leaving the path clear for a young, smart, healthy project and community to
take the lead.

I am sure 2015 will prove an amazing year for and NethServer.
I look forward to helping wherever I can :slight_smile:


(Alessio Fattorini) #39

That’s right :slight_smile: thanks for your trust! I heavily want this and not just me.
With your help It could become reality :v:

(atama_seru) #40

Hi ,

Thank you for accepting me to the community, I’m Atama, I live in Fiji (South Pacific), I work in a Telecommunication company as an IT Billing Engineer, and I’m doing a personal small project right now, which I would like NethServer to be incorporated and be part of it.
CentOS is my choice of Linux Distros for a few years now.


(atama_seru) #41

Please release some for English as well.

Kind Regards

(Alessio Fattorini) #42

Ahaha happy that you like it! We can ask to @Stll0 to dub the video in English!
Anyway, welcome aboard @atama_seru!
I’m curious to know something more about your project!

(Martín Cigorraga) #43

Nice presentations folks, welcome!

(Alessio Fattorini) #44

Folks!! Another welcome to our amazing new members!
I want personally say hi to @lutchy_horace big comeback!

Welcome to my #cmgr friends @benvantende @robinmuilwijk @david

I say hi to italian people: @Stefano_faralli @lucag @Matteo_Mengoni @gecco @edoardo_spadoni @fabio_ceccarani

Please take a minute to comment below and tell us: who you are, what are you working on and what brings you to NethServer?

(Alessio Fattorini) #45

Welcome also to people from Linkedin: @peterdhue @atama_seru @nipunasan
And welcome aboard to @gopukrishnantec @krastanov_tsvetan @prazian @harry @saikrishnavedaraju @luis_contreras_do @jens
(please folks, read the post above and introduce yourself!)

(Lutchy Horace) #46


Thanks for inviting me to this new platform. Yes it’s been a while since I’ve been active in NethServer community and thanks for personally welcoming me.

I have deployed a Active Directory, uPNP, Virtual Appliance (on VirtualBox) and File Server on Windows 2012R2 Server. I had initially wanted to deploy a GroupWare environment with SOGo (complicated GroupWare system) tied in with MS Active Directory network using NethServer platform. I dropped the idea and I haven’t worked on deploying an alternative.

Whatever you like to know about me can be find here: [About Me][1]

Here is my personal site running on my home server: [LHProjects Information Network][2]

I am planning to revive [www.bombshellz.net][3] (site is currently down), a VPS/Dedicated/Web Hosting provider.

I had a firewall server running Pfsense (freebsd) that went kaput couple of months back. Once I replace my firewall server; I would like to give NethServer a try but I am not quite sure if NethServer is as feature rich as Pfsense in firewall aspect although I would like to give it a try in a VM.

[1]: http://about.me/lhprojects “About Me”
[2]: http://www.lhprojects.net/ “LHProjects Information Network”
[3]: http://www.bombshellz.net/ “Premier VPS Provider”

(Alessio Fattorini) #47

This is an awesome presentation! Welcome back american/haitian man ;-), hope you like this new community look :smiley:
Keep follow discussions and let us know your point of view.