Weekly welcome to new members - 5 Dec 16

Heeeeellooooo NethServers!
I don’t tell you all enough how grateful I am for all of you in this community. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
You’re all doing work that is selfless and inspiring, and I wake up every day knowing that we’re doing meaningful work if we help each other do what we do better. :sunglasses:

Now let’s show some love and gratitude to those who have recently joined this group and are still figuring out what’s going on in here
You’re all incredibly important members of this community and we’re so glad you’re here!

Please introduce yourselves by commenting below and telling us:

  • What you’re working on?
  • What challenge are you dealing with?
  • What brings you to NethServer?

And if you’ve been here for a while @welcome_commitee please comment below and welcome our new members, and help them out with their questions
Please help me give a very warm welcome to…


Welcome everyone!

Nice to see that community is steadily growing. Hopefully we can all see you here. How about a simple intro about yourselves and from there we can take off?

We wanted you to feel at home here and make this a (relevant) lively and vibrant community. Ideas and suggestions are welcome where applicable. We, of course, in turn, are inviting you to also help out others.

Thanks very much for this warm welcome. It was already mentioned, that nethserver community is one of the most friendly ones.

Just To introduce myself:
I-m 48yr old and a a specialist in cardiology, so naturally I´m a physician, not an administrator by education. As Our Zentyal broke down recently we were searching for an alternative and found nethserver as a fork of SME which we already used several years ago.

So we´re using Linux Servers already for nearly 10 years at our interdisciplinary medical institute. We also have a hybrid client architecture with Linux (Ubuntu gnome) clients for normal work (Office APP and medical record- java) and Windows clients for those PC´s using medical technology apps which are unfortunately mostly are windows world.

We do have a professional Administrator as well helping us, who was introduced from us into the Linux world.

so thanks a lot for the welcome.



Hi Doctor :slight_smile:
thanks for taking the time to reply my welcome.
Your medical infrastructure is really interesting, what challenge are you dealing with? Do you have put NethServer into it yet?

Unfortunately, no, but as our Zentyal´s DC is corrupted we have to take action quite fast.
So we´re planning first to set up the NS DC and then one by one transfer the Mail, the network drives and finally the mysql DB (EMR) to the NS- what we did´nt had was a collaborative SW like Sogo and we´re thinking of dropping Thunderbird on the Clients. Also great is the opportunity of using OwnCloud instead of dropbox and eventually we will move to Sogo/OwnCloud for timetabling and address data.
One Problem in the last setting have been the server based profiles in a hybrid client architecture, and as our EMR need a network drive embedded, which worked quite well an the Windows clients, but always was a problem on the Linux clients, I´m eager how that´s gonna work.

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Hi everyone!

My name is Jon and I am from the Basque Country. I am 28 years old and I hope to contribute in everything I can.

Merry Christmas and Happy 2017 to everyone!:wink:


Ongi etorri Jon.
How did you know about NethServer? Are you using it in production?
Looking forward for any contribution, they are always welcome :innocent:

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Ehi Thomas, please keep us updated very curious to know how it goes with NethServer in a medical institute!


Thanks for asking.
So actual news are- we started to copy the network drives, configuerd the NAS Backup, but found out in a test environment, that RC2 as everybody now knows had a problem with generating the AD domain- so everything back again. As RC3 except Sogo (or is that already solved?) is working, we plan first to install a NS7RC3 in our network, configure the network drives and copy the files from the old server to the new one, configure backup, all without activating the DC and then moving the machine to a different virtual network. There we want to change the IP to the same, the old server had, activate the AD DC. Create the users with server based profiles, which is working as far as we´ve seen with Windows Clients but still has to be tested with the Ubuntu Gnome 16.04 clients. Then we have to copy all the Mails thru IMAP (Thundbird Clients) from the old to the new server (a little bit of router config necessary). The Old profiles which we backed up are restored after we put back the new server in the old network, after switching of the old server and after we connected the clients to the new server.
That´s the plan and we hope we can do it on a weekend.
For further suggestion I´d be grateful.
How will behave further updates?- We´re already discussing update politics, when the system is running.


Great effort @iglqut. I hope we can help out with any problems you encouter. And we will be pleased with any success you reach.
Maybe it is a good idea to open a separate topic and post your experiences there. We love to hear success stories and are eager to help out when a problem arrives.
Success with your implementation!


Regarding sogo there is a new testing package:


Thanks for your empowerment!
Is that a how to, community or support topic?

#community topic would be great :slight_smile: if you need help please open a new topic here #support


Done! :wink: