Weekly welcome to new members - 28 Nov 16

Good morning NethServer Family!
What a great morning it is! Hope you all had fannnntastic weekends and your weather is better than mine :umbrella: :umbrella: :umbrella:

At the end of last week, @alep and I spend a couple days at Codemotion Milan talking about NethServer Community with a hundred attendees! We had a really good time and if you like I can share with you some great talks, starting from this one :grinning:

Now let’s welcome all of the people who joined this group last week: 22 new faces
You’re all incredibly important members of this community and we’re so glad you’re here!

Please introduce yourselves by commenting below and telling us:

  • What you’re working on?
  • Who are you?
  • What brings you to NethServer?

And if you’ve been here for a while @welcome_commitee please comment below and welcome our new members, and help them out with their questions
Please help me give a very warm welcome to…

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I absolute love to see all those new members. From Denmark to New Zealand and from Russia to USA. Together we can all use this project to become one big family.
So, welcome all new members and take a moment to introduce yourselves. How did you find NethServer and what is your drive to use it?
Don’t hesitate to open a topic with your questions, we are here to help you out.


Thank you, and Hi all

I’m Indra, IT-Manager for a growing bio-food and cosmetics company in Belgium. We are using Zentyal for our mail and file server needs. Yet recently its been lacking, quite badly, latest upgrade many features were scrapped and in our particular case samba broke during upgrade to 4.2.
We’ve also been using Alfresco on another virtual server for our cloud solution. Although this is a wonderful application suite, it is rather overkill for our needs.

When looking for a good alternative I came across NethServer. We used SME-server before zentyal (ebox at the time) and I was very happy with it. Except for the Ibays functionality, I never seemed to get the permission management right. And since I have more experience with ubuntu/debian ebox was a good solution at the time.

Now several years later Zentyal is decaying and we need a better solution, with more features and NethServer fits the bill. First again I had problems with the fileserver/ibays but thanks to the help of the community a solution has been found. So the next few weeks I will be migrating the old server to NS7 and posting my questions and findings here.


Pass by to say hello to everyone.
I’ve discovered NethServer lately. I see it has many interesting features is fully-fledged and very easy to use. I’m glad joining your community.



Hi All,
I’m working on websites developing.
I’m an IT-Engineer.
Employees in my company tell me about NethServer.


Good to see you all here guys!!

Hi Indra, welcome to the NethServer community!
Are you an ex-zentyal-smserver user? Cool :slight_smile: Take a look at:
Moving from SME server to NethServer
Moving (?) from Zentyal to nethserver

I’m very curious about your experience, why NethServer is better/worse compared with Zentyal/SMEserver ?
Always good to become aware of another migration from Zentyal, I wish point out you these guys @davidep @nrauso @robb

Hi Synesios, so nice to seeing you here!
Which feature do you like most and which you don’t?

Ehi Ismaiel,
are you using our Virtual host panel? As webmaster, how can we improve it?

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I’m Liviu, from Romania. How i found you? I was looking for a replacement for clearos (which in my opinion WAS a great distro when it was named clarkconnect… but those guys right now are focused only on making money). I am the admin of a small network and i need a very stable linux server.

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Hi Liviu,
welcome here!! Happy to see you among us and thanks for replying to my call.
Romania? Which city? We have some great guys from there @GG_jr @Ctek

I’m not judging them but I’d like to know why you state this, I’m just curious. What makes you think that?

Buzau is the city (actually it’s a town :))))
What makes me say that? just try to install roundcube mail!!! They only have paid packages for that!

Thanks for your comment, got it.
What you’re working on? What challenge are you dealing with?