Weekly welcome to new members - 27 Mar

Welcome to a new week! I think it’s going to be a good one.

We’re going to start this week off right by welcoming all the amazing new members who have joined us in the last week.

Make yourself at home and welcome to NethServer Family! As always, don’t be afraid to ask 'stupid questions’

Comment below and wish our new members a very warm NethServer welcome (Ehi @welcome_commitee ) And if you’re new here, please comment below and introduce yourself!

You can tell us:

  • What are you working on?
  • What brings you here?

Looking at you

I was looking for a system that can serve as firewall, e-mail server and
web-server with Let’s Encrypt support. I was also hoping that it supports
docker containers and/or CMS systems like my NAS from ASUSTOR.

I find NethServer very usefull! Continue the good work!

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Ehi Karlheinz glad to see your reply
did you install NethServer yet? Personal use or company? What do you do for a living?

Which kind of CMS?

Hello to all,

A few words from my side. I am currently exploring the possibilities of Nethserver and setting it up to replace my existing OMV (Open Media Vault) server at home. I’ve successfully used OMV for some years but it’s time to move on. OMV lacks mailserver configuration in the UI and even messes up my postfix configuration-files now and then so i think NS will suit me better. OMV is based on debian (and so are my Linux Mint workstations) so there is also in that respect a little learning to be done here…

The server is used for work (for my wife) and joy. Main uses: Samba/AD with RAID1, mailserver (3 domains), own/nextcloud, OpenVPN, 3 websites, php, mysql, printserver, PLEX mediaserver.

I’m learning all the time thanks to the good documentation, wiki and forum-posts. Until now i could find all needed information so i hope to set up a complete and stable system.

All developers and maintainers, please keep up the very good work you all are performing on this project!

Can you write down a comparison between OMV and NethServer like those?
NethServer vs ClearOS
Zentyal vs NethServer comparison matrix
NethServer vs Endian

What do you think? I would be awesome and @vl1969 might help you

Do not let CentOS scare you :slight_smile: Trust me, working with the UI shouldn’t make you feel the difference

Thanks for this feedback, it confirms us we’re doing a great job and we’re on the right track.

Are you a home user? Cool. Did you use this guide for Plex? @painkiller895

Hello Alessio,

I think i’m not the most qualified person at this moment for making such a comparison, but i can try later when i have some experience with NS.

No i did not but it looks very interesting, especially the integration in the services overview of NS. I also did not create a user plex before installing plex, i guess that’s why i had to open up the shared folder i put up for the mediafiles. Thanks for the tip!

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Welcome everyone !! No Brazilian this time? Oww! I’m shocked … I need to spread the word about Nethserver … = S

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Indeed! You have to set up some meetups or attend conferences.
I know that some guys in Venezuela are doing a great job on this @apradoc

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Hello Nethserver Community!

By profession I am the founder of a Cloud service provider company based out of Calgary, AB, Canada. We run datacentres with Open source software as foundation.

I have been trying to find a suitable replacement of ClearOS and was introduced to Nethserver by a very good friend of mine from Ontario, Canada. I am still figuring out Nethserver and I do see great potential. As a company we take new products/services through rigorous testingof several months before we start using it and offer our clients. Nethserver seems to be holding up pretty good so far. :smile:

Nethserver team has done really good job and hoping to be here for the long haul.


Ehi happy to know you. Why would a cloud service provider company be interested in NethServer?
Which kind of service are you going to offer? Please explain me some scenarios

We offer wide ranges cloud services such as VPS, webshoting, VDI, backup just to name a few. We also have SLA customers who we provide on site services or off site services through fully virtualized IT infrastructure. We use product such as ClearOS or Nethserver to provide services such as domain controller or email server for virtually isolated clients on our cloud.

For our VPS and Dedicated Server users we currently promote ClearOS as ISO shoudl they choose to setup all-in-one server for their need. At the core we love open source and one of our mission is to change peoples mind set that just because something is free does not mean it cannot have quality. We own and operate our datacentre which is fully based on Proxmox. I myself always on the look out for good open source product for ourselves or to recommend out clients.
I hope this gives you an idea in a nutshell. :slight_smile:


Sure I love your explanation. I think we can advertise here cloud services that offer ready-made nethServer installations. Just curious, how do you offer secure “domain controller” services using the cloud?
Wasim, I very much want to know something more about your “test drive”. Feel free to ask here if you need info

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