Weekly welcome to new members - 26 Sep 16

Good mondaaay NethServer Family,
How are you? Happy Monday! My brain is functioning at like 10% on this fine Monday morning, I just come back from a great community event! (great updates soon!)

I’m happy to share with you some great stuff and news about our project!

Now let’s welcome our fancy new NethServer members!
If you’re new here, welcome home. From now on, you can count on this group for anything you need related to NethServer

Feel safe, don’t be shy, we’re a family. Please comment below and tell us:

  • What you’re working on?
  • Who are you?
  • What brings you to NethServer?
  • Do you have already installed it?

Looking to you:

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Hi there.
I wish I knew about nethserver before setting up my cloud server. Right now I am working on a mail server and it took me a while to find nethserver, even when searching on distrowatch.com
I didn’t know how easy my life would be if I discovered nethserver earlier.
The only problem i have now is I can’t send an email to the outside world, but i can recieve. I think i am missing something but my know knowledge of the matter is not that wide. I promise you when upgrading I will use nethserver.

What you’re working on? Home server

Who are you? I am a recent graduate with my bachelor’s in computer science
with a focus on information security.

What brings you to NethServer? Saw it in an article and wanted to try it.

Have you already installed it? I have tried a couple of times from an ISO,
but find it only recognizes my NIC when installed in a VM.

Ehi Ali, great to see you here. Welcome to the family! Do you have any suggestion to improve our “visibility”?
Anyway, what do you do? Are you playing with NethServer for personal interest or business?

Happy to so you here @silverdragon608
if you would like to help with your security knowledge I would love to see your participation too!

Can you open a new topic here? #support

@alefattorini I am using it at home and not for business. But I will recommend nethserver at any chance I get for anyone who is interessted.
As for the marketing, I think you should contact companies because that is what you profit from, not individuals like me. Target advertising is the best way to spread your distro

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