Weekly welcome to new members - 1 Aug 16

Heeeelooooooooooo NethServer people! Is anybody there??

August already kicked off and we’re here again with our AWESOME community! Happy (late) sysadmin day to everyone! :computer:

Welcome to another wonderful week of being alive and spreading NethServer word! :muscle:

Well, do you know what’s happening here? Every Monday I personally welcome our new blood asking them to feel immediately comfortable and prepared to post about what they are looking for or what they need help with. :wink:

Please comment below and tell us:

  • What you’re working on?
  • Who are you?
  • What brings you to NethServer?
  • Do you have already installed it?

Looking to you:

  • @fsegura - Fermin Segura - Mexico
  • @bakuri - ramadan elbakuri - Libia
  • @ehrnest01 - Eliezer Ga - Philippines
  • @John3354 - John Smith - United States
  • @chuckk - Chuck Kuntz - USA
  • @manninofabio - fabio mannino - Italia
  • @thomreid - Thom Reid - United States
  • @plpazodo - Pedro - Venezuela
  • @ntsis - Nick Is - Germany


Happy August 1

You are all welcome to this community, where they are at home.
We will be to help and guide them in NethServer.

The sunrise in my home Punto Fijo - Venezuela



I’m Pedro (plpazodo)

What you’re working on? I have 13 years working with an small company related to IT stuff.
•Who are you? I’m Pedro from Caracas - Venezuela, 37 years old, married with an small baby (1 year old)
•What brings you to NethServer? Looking for a server solutions based on Linux, actually I have some experience with Zentyal as domain controller and IPfire as firewall/proxy.
•Do you have already installed it? yes, I have it installed v6.8.

Thanks and rgds


Hi jgjimenezs,

Good to know that there are more people from our country, I can write in spanish but prefer doing this in english so everybody can understand.

I would like to let you know that I lived 5 years in Judibana (campo medico in Tachira street), my father worked in Lagoven (Amuay refiney), I think this was from 1986 to 1991 when I was really young. I can say that these were the happiest years of my life (in addition to when my small baby born 1 year ago).


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Ehi Pedro, great to see you here and thanks for replying to my call!
Wow Caracas very big city! Are you working just with open source solutions?

You’re coming from Zentyal too, what are you feelings with NethServer? I’d be interested to hear your own thoughts. Did you compare IPfire features with NehServer?

I suggest you testing our NethServer 7 beta1 yet and I am keen to know how your tests go on.

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Here we can write in Spanish only, relate to cases support, contributions clearly in English, that is to say; create a new topic

As he says @apradoc this is the tribe NethServer.


Thanks for your warm reception Alessio,

Yes, Caracas is somehow big, I’m working with both open source and commercial like Windows server.

Zentyal is fine for basic ADDS or exchange; it does his job but limited with some features and I think that nethserver looks very promissing, hope to see an AD DS near in the future and improved firewall/proxy features. (I have not tested NS 7 beta yet)

Regarding IPfire, I think that NS still needs to fix some issues with the time restrictions for example (not sure if this has been addressed in the latest beta as I have not tested it yet) At this point IPfire seems to be more robust but note that this does not mean that NS does not work, as a matter of fact one of the features that I really like from NS is that we can have a real transparent proxy which restricts both http and https. This is not the case with IPfire where we need to setup as non-transparent to block http / https and config or force every browser to use proxy.

Another good feature from NS is that you can setup multiple NIC as green zone for example, you can have any mix, while IPfire is limted to the basic template offered by the setup:

I will test latest NS beta when I get some free time.

Thanks and Rgds,


Welcome all

and do not be afraid to ask even as the letter gets BOLD

In this tribe any issue is important

Blessings from Venezuela

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Thanks for the welcome Alessio and a hello to the Nethserver community.

I am located with my family in the San Francisco bay area. Although my first unix like OS was BSD, I am a long time Linux fan, admin and user.

I have been installing NS6.x to try out the install and see the config choices. I am a big fan of Centos and love the idea of it being the foundation of a server appliance. My specific, initial use case is for dns/dhcp services within my lab environments. That coupled with VPN tools will let me connect my two lab sites to my AWS environment.

My impressions of NS so far are that it meets my use case needs well and I am interested in taking a look at the beta version built on the Centos 7 code base. As most of my other Centos machines are now 7.x, I am interested in the consistency across my installations having NS7 would offer.

Thanks again for the welcome to the community.



You should test it :slight_smile: let us know what are you feeling or issues

What makes IPfire so robust? Can you help us to improve NethServer firewall, you seem on top of this topic. We are always open to suggestions We need to know where we have room for improvements.
We need to have different points of view :nerd: especially from who know other products so well!

Ehi Thom, great to see here and thanks for posting and introducing yourself!
Happy to know you like our “be always CentOS complaint” rule :slight_smile:

As huge expert of CentOS 7 we need you on our beta! We’re focused on improving the stability and user experience. Please helps us target and identify bugs! Let us know your feelings here

Make this your place! Offer your feedback on what happens here. This community belongs to all of us :slight_smile:

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Soy KIKe soy de Peru y desde hace unos meses estoy probando Nethserver.

Saludos @sankike bienvenido en nuestra comunidad el idioma principal es el ingles, tenemos un area especifica solo chat en español.

Tell us how it go with NethServer, where you work?

Welcome all to this our great community.

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