Weekly milestones on GitHub

This week I started an experiment with GitHub milestones. I’d like to provide a way to group issues together, to ease the communication between developers and users. The goal is to understand what was fixed in the past days, weeks, months …and also “what’s in the kitchen” :wink:

GitHub has a nice feature called “milestones” that we never used. The idea is to close a milestone each time a batch of issues is sent to “stable repositories” (#subscription). As we typically send updates on a weekly basis, a milestone should be created on each Monday.

This is the first NSW18.17 milestone. NSW stands for “NethServer Week”, number 18 (as the year) point 17 (as the week number).


The milestone starts today and inherits the open issues from the past. The v7 milestone has been temporarily closed: if the experiment fails it will be reopened.

What do you think? /cc @dev_team


Love that, now it’s easier to track improvements and updates.

After the Labour Day holiday I created a new milestone for this week. Still open issues were moved to the new milestone:


The previous one was closed as the related issues/RPMs were released


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Looks amazing, it’s a very useful overview on what devs are working on, for me as well :slight_smile:
Trying to automate the process with a post here would be awesome!
It’s a good start to have something like this eventually

This one is specific to the release of NS 7.5.1804 alpha


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I want to abandon this funky way of using the GitHub milestones. It seems it is not interesting and I don’t want to keep it up-to date by hand.

This week is the last for me …then I’ll go on holiday and I don’t want to see milestones again when I’ll be back! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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The idea was smart and really useful for us.
I guess that manually maintain them could be a bit time-consuming

…and error-prone