WebVirtMgr alternatives

Oh noooo,

not the beloved Virt Manager Solution.

“The WebVirtMgr project is no longer maintained and the corresponding module has been removed along with nethserver-libvirt package.”

Does anybody has an idea on how to handle virtual machines on a stand allone Nethserver hardware? Nethserver does not hav a GUI and handling via libvirt / command line is a little, say, annoying. I do not have (and I do not want) another Linux machine just to run VirtManager.

Thanks for help and tips.
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Check this alternatives for Windows, but I rather go with a Linux box:

You could try kimchi, but, AFAIK, you have to remove apache (the web server) to install it.

Dear giocomo,

Thanks for tips. Did not see the youtube Vid so far. Xming works, I used it frequently:


Does Nethserver has an X11 server? I thougth it is just al CLI / Web-Interface. If so, this would be perfect.

Did not know virt-viewer4Win64 … Will give it a try :slight_smile:

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Dear Filippo,

THX, but removal of appache is not an option :slight_smile:

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Dear Giacomo,

no, virt-viewer ist just a VNC / Spice application connecting to remote desktops. What I do need is a KVM management system for Win 7/64.

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I’ve virtviewer installed, it only can show the running virtual machine, not the settings.

Perhaps you can use virtualbox instead of KVM, for the gui you can use phpvirtualbox

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I installed virtualbox for centos (its pretty simple) and used phpvirtualbox to manage it, though its super easy to manage through the cli. Only issue I had was the vdi states would not sync between the server and phpvirtualbox. Permissions issue I think, and probably an easy fix. Its pretty cool actually, if you can get it to work right.

Are you planning any alternative for NS for this functionality?
For me was vary handy also.

WebVirtMgr migrate to:


They are just ngix based

phpvirtualbox is a project with just a recent reboot, but i am not sure you could consider it as good. You should install proxmox and use it to virtualise your NS


but then I need rebuild all server
will give it go with WebVirtCloud

VM is not something you can take lightly, you need something that you can count on it…proxmox is reliable

For production box maybe but for test one NS implementation of WebVirtMgr was just great solution.
Also proxmox is completely free?

You can pay if you want to support the product

for testing, I used

  • Virtualbox
  • Kvm
  • Proxmox

Now I go back to Virtualbox, it is quicker for cloning a VM, you can virtualise a graphical environment like windows.

In free version of Proxmox all futures are enabled?

yes, all is enabled, you just have a pop up when you login

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Thank you for info

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Proxmox seems to be fine, and it is a bare metall solution (like VM ESXi). I like such an out of the box system, but it does not support Software-Raid natively…

More handy for my little vServers is something like KVM within Nethserver …


I know that WebVirMgr is not supported so don’t affect this in NS but to be honest developer is there just change idea to be still open source. OK we have alternatives but this looks like someone is loosing idea of open source. Prox -> ok / and in the same time you are dealing with updates which is not relevant to current distro. I can understand that people like to make money but f*** sake we all met in free sharing internet or how you like to call it. Of course I don’t believe in planet X. Can we step back first to improve this development???
Or you have everything in your ass when no subscription?