WebVirtMgr alternatives

You can pay if you want to support the product

for testing, I used

  • Virtualbox
  • Kvm
  • Proxmox

Now I go back to Virtualbox, it is quicker for cloning a VM, you can virtualise a graphical environment like windows.

In free version of Proxmox all futures are enabled?

yes, all is enabled, you just have a pop up when you login

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Thank you for info

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Proxmox seems to be fine, and it is a bare metall solution (like VM ESXi). I like such an out of the box system, but it does not support Software-Raid natively…

More handy for my little vServers is something like KVM within Nethserver …


I know that WebVirMgr is not supported so don’t affect this in NS but to be honest developer is there just change idea to be still open source. OK we have alternatives but this looks like someone is loosing idea of open source. Prox -> ok / and in the same time you are dealing with updates which is not relevant to current distro. I can understand that people like to make money but f*** sake we all met in free sharing internet or how you like to call it. Of course I don’t believe in planet X. Can we step back first to improve this development???
Or you have everything in your ass when no subscription?

I am also using WebVirtMgr because it is/was integrated with NS.
I was also using Fedora + Virt-Manager.

I will miss this feature in NS …

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What makes you think that? Of course Proxmox supports software RAID; it does so using ZFS, which is one of its bigger benefits.

I almost get beaned here regard my ideas.
What is the plan?
soft/hardware/no at all/ where we are going? ok RAID and options and whats then when we don’t sale our hardware?

Please, this comment is inappropriate here and some people flagged it.
@giacomo has explained why we have removed it :point_down:

This has nothing to do with Open Source or Subscription. Just with “we don’t have bandwidth to support that”. Feel free to find an alternative (or update webvirtmgr), support it and adding it to the nethforge

I tried proxmox with zfs, until the zfs raid crash…after it was tears time.

The second time was to install debian with software linux raid, then i installed proxmox.

It rocks and I know how to rebuild my raid :slight_smile:

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I have mixed feelings about ZFS. I use it for my nas, but if it goes down, its not good. As long as you have redundancy you will be fine though, zfs has some pretty awesome features.

Hi Dan,

this here makes me think of that :slight_smile:


And Yes, I would be able to install MDADM, but this will trail a rat-tail … e.g. this would require postfix to deliver status mails … and so on and so on. But to be honest - I am absolutly not used to ZFS… I will have a look at it.

From that page:

Pretty clear–doesn’t support mdadm, but it does software RAID using ZFS.

Thanks for tip on Proxmox … this is a dream … up and running.

Perfect. No need for WebVirtMgr anymore.


I could be wrong but the developer started a new project :-?

I still maintain a few VM’s running on plain KVM. I use Virtual Machine Manager installed on my laptop to manage them.


really a teaser for now, but I am working on it :