Webtop5: How to attach files from the nextcloud?

NethServer Version: 7.8.2003

How to really attach files from the integrated nextcloud to webtop mail, i.e. not a link but the file itsself?

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Can somebody help him?

Hi @carsten,
if I understand your request correctly, you can attach a file from the Nextcloud resource (linked in WebTop) directly to the email via a simple drag & drop:

(for example)

Is this what you needed ?


Yes, thanks. BTW: How to mark a topic as [SOLVED]? Edit the title or is there another function for this?

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You are welcome :wink:

You can read here:

Checking the box does not display a [SOLVED] in the title. How to this [SOLVED] mark or is it a deprecated feature?

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This must be asked of @alefattorini :wink:

I think it’s okay:


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Old tag before the “solved” function of each topic.
We don’t use it anymore

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Every solved thread has a marked checkbox in front of the title.


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