WebTop4 and Samba4 AD on NS 7

On the contrary, I confirm the login attempts stop when tomcat is stopped and start again when tomcat is started.

It looks like a “background” worker process…

Not from WebTop as is, but WebTop comes with Tomcat …

Sorry, you’re right, I was misleaded…

There’s only one thing that can be doing this as a standalone webtop thread (not connected to a user session), and is the mail service global task that looks for actions to be done for users not logged in (e.g. scheduled emails).

Let me check a couple of things, I’ll be back soon

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Ok, there is a setting for the vmail secret, used to login on behalf of a user (to do some work on its account emails, such as send scheduled emails waiting in its drafts folder).
This was defined to be an imap login of the form [username]*vmail using the vmail password without the need to know the user password.

Maybe this has changed in NS7?

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Further info:

I log on webtop as “davidep”, but my IMAP username is "davidep@dpnet.nethesis.it". The household job tries to connect IMAP as “davidep” and fails.


alter table users alter column mailusername type varchar(128);
update users set mailusername=email where login='davidep';

Then on the maillogs I have:

Sep 15 15:32:32 vm5 dovecot: imap-login: Login: user=, method=PLAIN, rip=, lip=, mpid=10192, secured, session=
Sep 15 15:32:32 vm5 dovecot: imap(davidep@dpnet.nethesis.it): Disconnected: Logged out in=87 out=825

I don’t know… It depends on how “username” is defined. If “username” === “unix or IMAP username” I’d say no.

if the way NS7 wants imap login is different from NS6, we have to discuss it with @giacomo, I don’t exactly remember if we did any code change to support imap login without domain, as we usually have always login with domain in our installations. It shouldn’t be needed to setup the mailusername, unless some particular cases (cases where you want a different imap mailbox than the one I authenticated with webtop).


We can continue the discussion here :slight_smile:

Yes it is. Now pam uses the SSSD module and every login name contains also the domain part.

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I see, same as we do on our systems.
I bet we should introduce something to detect the NS version and decide how to manage login.

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…or let NethServer choose among alternative configurations!

Hi @gabriele_bulfon ,

cc: @alefattorini, @giacomo, @davidep

I have tried to add a Google Drive / Dropbox account on WebTop 4 and I encountered an error (please see the attached screenshots).

I read the NS documentation from here:


and for me (and maybe not only for me) is too hard to do what is written there.

I read also that the Enterprise version of WebTop already has integrated Google drive and Dropbox.

If WebTop is/will be a part of NethServer, is not a good thing as the Google Drive and Dropbox to be already integrated in the WebTop NS version?

Another question about integration of a cloud account: is it possible to be integrated also another account, different from these two?

I’m interesting especially for a Nextcloud account integration, because Nextcloud is a part of NethServer.

Kind regards,

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Agree, it might be mandatory for the next version. What do you think @gabriele_bulfon ?

@lucag may add some info here

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@alefattorini correct me if I’m wrong.
I remember that in your Enterprise NethServer installation of Webtop, the GooglDrive and Dropbox settings are preconfigured with a Nethesis account (as we do with our XStream installations with our Sonicle account).
For safety reasons you omitted this configuration on the community installations.

Am I right?


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About Nextcloud integration, we will surely talk about it :wink:

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You’re right.

The integration requires a developer key connected to a valid account.
The company (Nethesis) can hold rights only for paying customer with a signed contract.
We can’t do what you’re asking only for legal reasons :slight_smile:


Scheduled emails cannot be sent from WebTop.

Also reported by @paolo here:

Scheduled emails in webtop do not start (authentication failure)


Is this workaround valid also for 6.8 ?
What’s the database to be changed ?

Hi Paolo
this is an old thread
could you explain what is your issue? What do you want to achieve?

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