Webtop with two mail addresses and one sent emails subfolder

Hi all,

I’m experiencing some difficulties managing one account with two mail addresses using Webtop mail.

I would create a folder (with subfolder mail arrived and mail sent) for each address.

I created a new identity in Options – Mail and created two folders: mail address A and mail address B, then created subfolder mail received and mail sent for each principal folder.

Then created two rules to forward the mail arrived to the correct mail folder and both the rules work properly.

The problem concerns the SENT MAILS because all the mails go into the principal folder MAIL SENT and I cannot forward them into the correctly SENT MAIL SUBFOLDER.

I tried to change the rule using the user address only, the address complete with the domain but the problem remains.

Any help? Thanks in advance.


As far as I know WebTop doesn’t have filters for sent emails but @gabriele_bulfon and @lucag could shed light on this aspect


Alessio is correct: Sent rules are not managed at the moment.
Only the interface is there, so it’s possible to load rules for both in and out, but then “in rules” are translated into sieve rules and installed, but we have not developed any logic for “out rules” yet.
Hope this is not such an important feature, because we still have no plan for it on this major release, while we have plans for the next major.


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Thanks to Alessio and Gabriele for your prompt reply.