Webtop Tasks Sync Problem ios


I just installed a new nethserver (7.7.1908) System with webtop (1.4.0-1). All patches are installed. I created a user and setup an Exchange Connection to Webtop from my iPhone IOS 13.1.3.

Mail, Contacts and Calendar are syncing perfectly but tasks not. Initially no tasks were synced in both directions.
Now, when I create a new task in the web-frontend it´s still not synced, but when I disable syncing on iPhone and delete all iphone tasks, then switch on syncing again, the last task created in the webfrontend is synced to the iPhone. All other Tasks are still only visible on the webfrontend.

Is this a known bug, or am I doing something wrong?

Now I found the error log:

BackendTasks - WT\Client\Tasks\ApiExcept ion: [500] Server error: POST http://localhost:58080/webtop/api/com.sonicle.webtop.tasks/v1/eas/folders/1/message s resulted in a 500 Internal Server Error response:
{“code”:500,“description”:“DB error”}
in /usr/share/webtop/z-push/lib/webtop-tasks-client/Api/EasMessagesApi.php:130


Hi @schweidj,
I understand that Task synchronization is supported for iPhone :thinking:
@gabriele_bulfon and @matteo.albinola any idea where the problem is? can it be a new bug?

We will check this, almost no users are using task synch, exepecially because they are not supported on Android.

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Hi @gabriele_bulfon

due to the problems with webtop, I moved to SOGo. But there I also have problems with task-syncing on IOS 13. On SOGo initially everything syncs fine. But sometime after a editing a task, the task is recreated thousands of times and sometimes a tasklist isn´t synced at all.

So I think I have to rely on other tools for tasksync at the moment like omifocus. But nevertheless thank you very much for creating such a wonderfull piece of software like Nethserver…

Best regards,

Tasks are genearlly very badly implemented, as for example they are completely ignored by Google on Android…
Anyway we have a plan for a big restructuring of tasks in the next few months, in WebTop.

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Thank you @gabriele_bulfon. I´m curious about the new task implementation in webtop. Till then I´ll stay with omnifocus, which is great…